Balochistan: Firing over land dispute kills five, wounds two

A firing incident occurred due to a land dispute in Kachi, killing five and wounding two.

According to Naimatullah, a senior official of administration, 5 persons have been killed on Tuesday in Landi Khosa an area of Kachi district due to a land dispute.

He said that Hayat Rind, the former vice-chairman Municipal committee of Landi Khosa, also died in the conflict.

According to details, armed men of two different tribes indiscriminately fired at each other, sending shockwaves of anxiety throughout the area.

According to levies, two persons were also injured due to armed clash. The injured were moved to the nearest hospital for medical aid.

A large contingent of Levies has arrived in the area to restore normalcy and prevent another untoward incident.

The bodies were also taken to hospital for autopsy, said an administration official.

It is to be noted that there are often armed conflicts in tribal and territorial disputes in different areas of Balochistan, which cause numerous lives every year 



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