Army denies general tagged ex-solon as an official of CPP-NPA: Left wing extremism


ILOILO CITY—The Third Infantry Division (3rd ID) denied that Major General Eric Vinoya, its commanding officer, named a former congressman of Bayan Muna party-list as a high-ranking officer of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing New People’s Army (NPA).

Former Bayan Muna congressman Siegfred Deduro. (Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)
Former Bayan Muna congressman Siegfred Deduro. (Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

“I don’t think it’s fair to drag General Vinoya into this when he was not involved,” said 3rd ID Spokesperson Major Cenon Pancito III.

This was after former party-list representative Siegfred Deduro filed a petition for writ of amparo before a regional trial court (RTC) late last week.

The former Bayan Muna congressman initially claimed he feared for his life when he was allegedly named by Vinoya last June as a CPP-NPA officer during a June 19, 2020 meeting of the Iloilo Provincial Peace and Order Council (Iloilo PPOC).

But Pancito told The Manila Bulletin on Tuesday, October 27, that neither Vinoya nor any high-ranking 3rd ID official was present during the Iloilo PPOC meeting last June.

“General Vinoya could have never said it because he was not there, and the 3rd ID is not involved in PPOC level meetings,” Pancito reiterated.

This led to Deduro retracting his earlier statement, and apologizing for including Vinoya’s name. But he still maintained that it was the 3ID, which labeled him as a CPP-NPA officer.

The 3rd ID has also denied that it was out to target Deduro.

“He [Mr. Deduro] is a public figure who goes around Iloilo freely and nothing has happened to him,” Pancito pointed out.

Pancito surmised Deduro was just riding on the issue of red-tagging in the national level when the latter suddenly recycled an alleged statement from a June 2020 meeting that did not even have the presence of an army general or any key officer of the 3ID.



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