Twitter sends notice to Jihad Watch director for his tweet on Muhammad


On Thursday, micro-blogging site Twitter sent a notice Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer after one of his tweets allegedly violated the laws of Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, Robert Spencer said that Twitter has sent him a notice in connection with a tweet he had posted in April 2018. The notice issued to him by Twitter said that they had received a complaint from Pakistan stating that one of his tweets had violated laws of Pakistan.

The popular micro-blogging site Twitter, in its notice, said that even though they were not initiating action against Robert Spencer, it was their policy to notify their users if they receive a legal request from an authorised entity against any specific tweets.

Below is the tweet that was posted by Robert Spencer on April 19, 2018, in which he had shared cartoons of Prophet Muhammad created by  American cartoonist Bosch Fawstin. The cartoons of Prophet Muhammad may have triggered Islamists from Pakistan, who ended up registering a complaint with Twitter against Spencer’s post.

The director of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer, responding to the notice, slammed the Twitter officials for infringing upon the freedom of speech by sending such notice. Spencer alleged that the ‘leftist clowns’ of Twitter were behaving as if Islamic blasphemy law applied to people outside of Sharia domains.

Questioning the Twitter over its arbitrary notice to him, Spencer asked what laws of Pakistan did he broke that prompted Twitter officials to send a notice to him. He also asked whether Twitter sent him that notice because it cared for alleged Sharia violations.

“In sending out these notices, Twitter is behaving as if Islamic blasphemy law applied to people outside of Sharia domains. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has been working for years at the UN to compel Western countries to criminalize criticism of Islam (under the guise of prohibiting “incitement to religious hatred),” said Robert Spencer.

Continuing to question Twitter over its notice, Spencer added, “Twitter is doing the bidding of the OIC with apparent alacrity. No one seems to ask the social media giants why they have decided to internationalize Sharia restrictions on speech rather than US protections on free expression.”



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