History is passing the Left by

The left-wing protest at the entrance to Ben-Gurion International Airport this week, which was designed to prevent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from departing for Washington to sign peace deals with two Arab countries, made it clear to anyone with eyes in their head just how far the "peace camp" has distanced itself from the values that it used to claim were at its core.

The current spokespeople for the "peace camp," who used to shout "Peace now!" are jumping on every available platform to sound the alarm that the peace Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump have brought to us is a widespread fraud and a marketing move that perverts the word "peace," a diplomatic achievement in name only. From this nonsense, they move onto the ideological legacy of the late Professor Zeev Sternhell; to the real pain they cannot escape; to a twisted explanation of why the peace deal with Arab countries is faulty. The Palestinians, the leftists claim, are the first to pay the price of this peace fraud.


Are you hearing and reading this? The left-wing protesters are claiming unabashedly that the fact that Israel is signing peace agreements with Arab countries does harm to the Palestinians. With that bunch of lies and falsehoods in hand, they want to lead Israel to a better future. The analysts who loathe anything that Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud do are now discussing repeated litmus tests to measure the general displeasure with the peace deals, but are referring to the situation of the peace-less camp.

The peace signed with US backing is an extraordinary historic achievement that demonstrates true willingness of Arab states to join hands with Israel and work together on behalf of our common interests, which include concerns about the growing Iranian empire that could flood the entire region with hatred and bloody wars. Netanyahu cracked the circle of Sunni enmity toward Israel, and might cause it to disappear entirely when and if Saudi Arabia signs an official peace deal. When we hear the rejoicing over peace in the United Arab Emirates, it's hard not to conclude that they want peace much more than the left-wing camp in Israel does. We have some luck in that Bahrain and the UAE no longer listen to the Left, which has become entrapped in the politics of adjusting Israel's needs in accordance with those of the Palestinians.

The peace-hating camp is trembling with fear and not sleeping at night because the Americans might sell F35 planes to the UAE. Seriously? The really interesting questions are: Will the coming years see Tel Aviv take the place of Beirut, which is going up in smoke thanks to the Shiite Hezbollah? Will Tel Aviv become a bustling center of finance and trade, culture and leisure in the Middle East? Will the Israeli banking system be secure and credible enough under the leadership of the Leumi, Hapoalim, Discount, and Mizrahi banks to safeguard oil money? Will the technological and medical sectors be able to keep up with orders? It will be a particularly happy day when huge competing corporations in the US and Europe get angry with the new "upstarts" that are giving them a run for their money in the newly-opened markets.

All of a sudden, we have learned that the left-wing camp is willing to sign peace deals only with countries that are not dictatorships and which espouse parliamentary democracy, like Belgium or the Netherlands. Why does everything have to happen right here, right now? What's so urgent? Wouldn't it be better, they say, if Netanyahu waited until the democracy ratings of the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia reached those of Sweden? In the Israel of the leftists, we need a green light from the prestigious Freedom House think tank that will ensure that the countries surrounding us in the Middle East meet Danish standards.

Benjamin Netanyahu is building a new Middle East for us Israelis. Shimon Peres' dream is coming true, without the peace deniers and in spite of the whining Left. Sad as it might be, history is passing the left-wing camp by.


Source: https://www.israelhayom.com/opinions/history-is-passing-the-left-by/


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