Maoist Poster Surfaces In Kandhamal District Of Odisha: Left wing Extremism

Kandhamal: Unleashing Red fear again in Kandhamal district after a poster of the Kandhamal-Kalahandi-Boudh-Nayagarh (KKBN) Maoist division has surfaced on the Gochapada-Balandapada road on Tuesday.

According to sources, the maoists blocked road by cutting down trees and pasted their some posters on Gochapada-Balandapada road today.

The incident came to the fore after some locals from the area spotted the posters and called up the police to inform.

The Maoist through the posters have called for a seven-day shut down in the area from tomorrow to till August 24.

They also warned to take revenge against police officials for the encounter of a fellow Maoist and also warned the police informer of dire consequences in the coming days.

Earlier on Monday, the Maoists had torched the vehicle of a contractor and posted a banner in Khamanakholi forest area of Baliguda.

Maoist posters and banners have been found in different areas of Kandhamal district fo the last two days. 



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