UK’s largest gurdwara puts up picture of slain pro-Khalistan leader, stirs controversy

The gurdwara located at Havelock Road in Southhall recently put up the picture of pro-Khalistan leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

The largest gurdwara in the UK, Guru Sri Singh Sabha, recently put up a picture of slain Khalistani separatist leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

The gurdwara located at Havelock Road in Southhall recently put up the picture of the militant leader along with the picture of Guru Arjan Dev, who was the fifth guru of Sikhs.

It may be noted that Guru Arjan Dev gave up his life for the Sikh faith while Bhindranwale was accused of taking lives in the name of Sikhism.

To be putting their live size pictures next to each other outside the gurdwara may not go down well for many who visit regularly but do not subscribe to the view.

Some Sikhs wearing jackets with Khalistan logo were seen in the premises of the gurdwara giving out food packets to those in need in this period of Covid-19.

Calling these elements “terrorists,” Lord Ranger, himself a Sikh and the Chairman of British Sikh Council said, “I will be taking up the matter to the highest level.”

India Today TV made several attempts to arrange an interview with the president of the gurdwara to ask why Bhindranwale’s picture was put up alongside Arjan Dev. A questionnaire has also been sent to him on the matter and his response is awaited.


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