Turkey builds air bridge to Libya to help GNA offensive

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 A.M.) – On Thursday, the Turkish Air Force conducted exercises over the Mediterranean Sea in which the E-7T airborne early warning and control aircraft participated.

In addition participating in the exercises, two aircraft refueling the Boeing KC-135R and a squadron of F-16 fighters also carried out flights.

On Thursday, an air bridge consisting of 4 Turkish C-130 cargo planes was implemented between Turkey and Misrata Airport, which carries logistical support.

The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) forces’ “Volcano Anger” Operations Room said in a statement on Facebook that the total number of aircraft that entered Libyan airspace was estimated at 13 different types of aircraft, as follows: 2 Boeing KC-135Rs, and 4 C-130s, a Boeing E-7T plane and a squadron of F-16 fighters are estimated to have around 6 aircraft.

The Volcano Anger Operations room indicated that the Turkish government officially announced on Thursday morning the opening of an air bridge between Libya and Turkey, stressing that the air bridge is within the agreement concluded between the government of Al-Wefaq and Ankara.

This is a major move by the Turkish authorities, as it confirms Ankara’s desire to increase their efforts to help the Government of National Accord in their war against the Libyan National Army.

Turkey has no doubt turn the tide of the war between the LNA and GNA, as their intervention has helped the latter retake several areas and avoid complete defeat.


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