‘Muslims should do the same in India,’ Blacks & Indian Muslims aren’t alike but the left is the same scum everywhere

Rioting has taken grip of several cities across the United States as protests over the custodial death of an African-American man, George Floyd have been hijacked by the political Left in the country leading to violent demonstrations, looting, sheer vandalism, and arson. The political Left in India is romanticising all this violence and trying to draw an analogy between the US and India.

It wants to replicate this model in India but while the Leftist thinking remains identically toxic everywhere in the world, the Right-wing that they are protesting against tends to be more local than global. And especially in the Indian context, it is grossly misleading to read any similarities between the conservatist thought. Nor is there any contextual similarity between the “Black Lives Matter” campaign in the US and the minority victimhood narrative that the usual suspects propagate in India.

The “Black Lives Matter” campaign has been hijacked by the leftist anarchists that romanticise hate which pits one set of people against another. George Soros, who hates every shade of nationalism and has made every possible effort at strengthening globalism while weakening nationalist values across the world, has also been blamed for the ongoing violence.

has been hijacked. The left hijacks movements or creates BS narratives to push people agnst people. The similarity here isn't btwn blacks & Shaheen Bagh, it's btwn American left & Indian left. Go deeper & it's George Soros

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What seemingly started as protests are turning more and more violent, and by Sunday morning itself, some 25 cities were facing some kind of Curfew with National Guard troops deploying in Minneapolis and the US Capital following days of violent riots.

Things have taken a turn for the worse, and violence reached near White House as Donald Trump had to be rushed to a bunker in the US President’s residence for about an hour while people supposedly protesting George Floyd’s death gathered outside pelting stones and tugging at police barricades.

The White House bunker is designed for emergencies like terror attacks, and the fact that it had to be pressed into service shows the level of violence that has hit dozens of cities in the United States.

The leftist political thought thrives on victimhood, whether real or illusory, but reserves the right to turn violent in the garb of exercising the right to protest. This is why you can see the liberal lobby in India rallying behind the violent demonstrations, and even trying to suggest that the same model can be replicated in India as a false equivalence is being drawn between the African-Americans cause and the eternal sense of minority victimhood in India.

While the White supremacists infest the organic protests in the US to turn them into a riot, the so-called Hindus from the majority community also get into the act in India, manufacturing superficial and violent protests.

Therefore, some prominent names in India’s protest-public administration like Rana Ayyub, Ashok Swain and Aakar Patel are vouching for protests like this in India. They are drawing comparisons between George Floyd and “extra-judicial killings of Muslims” in India.

They are pushing another sham, namely “Muslim lives matter”.

Drawing inspiration out of what their ideological cousins are doing in the United States have instigated, they have no qualms in saying that “India needs a similar type of mobilization”. Even though a similar type of mobilisation would mean violence, looting, arson and maybe even bloodshed.

But then political left is inorganic, monomaniac and proceeds with a false sense of intellectual superiority across the world. It has a bizarre, doctrinaire excuses for everything that it does- if there is violence on the streets, it will try to pass it off as poetic justice against an “extra-judicial killing” and if shops are looted, it can be easily passed off as socialism.

So, what if NIKE sneakers are stolen and looted in the garb of protests against an extra-judicial killing? It can simply be dismissed as the proletariats fighting the bourgeoisies in an exploitative Capitalist system.

“What do we want?”


“When do we want it?”


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The Right-wing or Conservatism, on the other hand, lacks this sense of global unity cutting across borders. Since, it is based on the bedrock of local cultural values, one cannot view Conservatism through the same worldview. Every Right-wing is different from the other Right-wing. In the United States, for example, the Right-wing is inspired by Christianity or maybe even White Nationalism.

This is not the case with India, which cannot even be divided into the narrow binary of Liberalism and Conservatism. This is a Western construct and Indian civilisation, by far, pre-dates it. It is both intellectually lazy and politically convenient to apply the template of American Right-wing to India.

The leftists in India can romanticise what is happening in the United States though, since they want to strike at nationalism of any sort. The US is fighting its way out of the Coronavirus Pandemic and Trump is engaged in endless wars with the Communist regime in China. This is the best time to drag him down through extra-legal means in accordance with leftist political thought.

But they dare not apply the same template to India, or Islamism in India. It is actually tantamount to underplaying the woes of African-Americans in the US, if they are compared to the make-believe oppression of Muslims in India.

The African-American woes are a result of White Supremacy and slavery, while the Muslim rights activism in India is actually mostly a result of shameless glorification of Islamic invasion and the Mughal era. The Muslim community is not the same as the African-American community of India.

The world is small, NO one should think that what happened across the world cannot happen here... This man's anguish is real & heart-breaking, he is a teacher, a City Council member, and he knows his right from wrong... 🙏🏻

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India’s left can rejoice over American riots as much as it wants, but the fact remains that neither the current regime in power in India shares any trappings with the American Right-wing, nor does the Muslim community in India sit in the same situation as the African-Americans in the United States.

Source: https://tfipost.com/2020/06/muslims-should-do-the-same-in-india-blacks-indian-muslims-arent-alike-but-the-left-is-the-same-scum-everywhere/


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