Model citizens or terrorists? 'False Flag' is back for a thrilling second season

The hit Israeli series is back for another thrilling season of twists and turns (and some familiar faces).

In season 1 of False Flag, five Israeli citizens lives are thrown into chaos when they wake up to find their passport photo all over the news, with reports that they are linked to a ruthless kidnapping operation. It's connected to the disappearance of the Iranian Defence Minister, who went missing while on a secret visit to Moscow.

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5 ordinary citizens are accused of espionage in the gripping thriller ‘False Flag’

A dramatic espionage plot uncovered in Russia and published in the foreign press, shakes Israel to its core. The award-winning ‘False Flag’ is now available at SBS On Demand.

In season 2, the nightmare scenario befalls 3 new unsuspecting citizens and their families.

The series opens at the inauguration ceremony of a new oil pipeline connecting an Israeli drilling dock (at Eden Petroleum), to Turkey. The pipeline is the first to connect the Israel oil reserves to Turkey. Sayag (Hezi Saddik), the veteran Mossad agent who you will remember from season 1, sits among the dignitaries, looking worried. When the Minister of Infrastructure, Energy and Water concludes her speech and calls upon the Turkish Ambassador to speak, there is a tremor on the dock, and immediately thereafter – a huge explosion, which kills several people and wounds the Minister.

False Flag season 2

Miki Leon returns as Eitan Kopel in False Flag season 2 
Source: SBS

Another familiar face from season 1, Eitan Kopel (Miki Leon) who is now back as a Mossad investigator, is summoned to join former Shin Bet colleague Eli (Moris Cohen) to investigate the incident. The immediate suspect is Hezbollah – which has already threatened to damage the Israeli drilling sites it claims are in the territorial waters of Lebanon. Despite this, it is unclear how Hezbollah could have managed to penetrate the secured oil rig.

False Flag season 2

3 new suspects - False Flag season 2 
Source: SBS


At the investigation headquarters, the list of victims returns three names unaccounted for: a startup professional whose girlfriend works for the Ministry of Health; a tour guide, and a rig worker who studied marine engineering.

False Flag season 2

Neta Riskin as Anat Kedmi in 'False Flag' season 2 
Source: SBS


This season centres on the three suspects and their families whose lives are shattered when their loved ones, who are seemingly model citizens, are included among those missing in the mysterious blast and become the suspects of a terror attack. While desperately holding on to their “normal” lives even as they fall apart around them, each family, in its own way, is exposed to truths and lies that shake the family unit to its core and force the characters to rediscover themselves and redefine their priorities.

False Flag season 2

Anat in disguise. 
Source: SBS


For those returning viewers that were hoping for some continuation of the storyline from season 1 (it did end on a bit of a cliffhanger), we are happy to report that the hippy musician/elite mercenary Sean Tilson is back for the second season, and he has debts he wants to be paid. Strap yourself in for another season of twists, turns and revelations.

Just as the very popular Israeli series Prisoners of War  was remade for the US as Homelandthis gripping espionage thriller is also being developed as an English language remake by Apple TV.

False Flag seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming at SBS On Demand. Start from the beginning:

False Flag S1 Ep1

Jump to season 2:

False Flag S2 Ep1


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