Media reports suggest Kashmiri terrorists, fighting in name of Islam, are sexually exploiting women

Media report suggest terrorists in Kashmir sexually exploited Kashmiri women
Representative Image(Source: Zee News)

In a shocking revelation, a cache of condoms, viagra, contraceptive pills and porn was recovered from a terror hideout in Shopian district of Jammu and Kashmir. It betrays the fact that the terrorists active in Jammu and Kashmir, who had waged jihad in the name of Islam, were involved in sexual exploitation of innocent Kashmiri women in the valley. 

The recovery of materials such as sexual potency enhancing drugs, contraceptive pills to avoid complications later, pornographic material and condoms from terror hideouts reveal that the terrorists were indulging in sexually depraved acts in Jammu and Kashmir under the guise of continuing a holy war for the ‘liberation’ of the Union Territory.

Many Kashmiri girls victimised by the sexual lust of Pakistan-backed terrorists were forcibly kidnapped from their houses in Jammu and Kashmir before being sexually exploited by the terrorists. The recovery of contraceptive pills, condoms and viagra from terror hideaways in the Valley draws a sharp similarity between the rampant sexual abuse of women in Jammu and Kashmir with that of subjugation of women as sex slaves by the ISIS in Syria. 


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