Kenyan police kill al-Shabab suspect in dawn raid

Al Shabab

Kenyan security forces in the coastal town of Kwale have killed one al-Shabab operative and two minors during the Saturday dawn raid.

Joseph Nthenge, Kwale County Police Commander, said Mohamed Mapenzi was gunned down alongside two minors he used as human shield, after police raided his house in Kibundani.

“The suspect threw a grenade at our officers, who had raided his house in search of weapons and explosives that had been hidden in his house, a multi-agency team responded by shooting him and in the event injured. The two minors who he was using as human shield later succumbed to gunshot injuries,” Nthenge said.

Nthenge further noted that police had launched a firearms recovery operation following a tip-off from al-Shabab suspect Saidi Chitswa who was in police custody that al-Shabab operatives in the area were planning to launch attacks in unnamed police stations.

He said during the raid police arrested two suspects. According to Nthenge, Mapenzi attacked the officers using a grenade after defying orders to surrender.

“Police had ordered the suspect to open the door but he refused and threw a grenade slightly injuring an officer,” said Nthenge.

During the raid, police recovered several improvised explosive devices and assorted jungle uniform, believed to have been stolen from Kenya Defense Forces in Somalia. Enditem


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