Dozens of Taliban militants killed in southern Afghanistan in past 24 hours - Police

In Zabul, Taliban militants attacked an Afghan National Army base in Noork area at around 2 a. m. Saturday (21:30 Friday GMT), according to the provincial police chief. The ensuing clashes lasted until 5 a. m.

"Eighteen Taliban insurgents were killed and three others were wounded in the clash," the police chief said, adding that no civilians or soldiers sustained injuries in the clashes.

The attack came after the Afghan Air Force struck Taliban positions in the province's Shinkai district on Friday afternoon.

"Three Taliban insurgents were killed in the attack," police spokesman Mohammad Lal Amiri told Sputnik.

Separately, the Helmand police said that six Taliban militants were killed and four others were wounded in clashes in Spin Masjid area of the Nahr-e Saraj district in the early hours of Saturday.

The same night, parallel clashes in Khushal village of Nad Ali district left four Taliban militants killed and three others injured.

Afghan forces seized militants’ weapons and ammunition during the clashes.

The Taliban have yet to comment on the clashes. 


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