China silencing relatives who lost their families to Wuhan Virus and want to sue CCP, through hush money and police interrogation

A Chinese activist has revealed that residents of Wuhan where the virus originated want to sue the Chinese Communist Party but are either being lured away with money, interrogated or even threatened.


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Yang Zhanqing, a New York-based Chinese activist, received messages from Wuhan residents who want to sue the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) due to the Coronavirus epidemic in the city in which they lost their families and loved ones.

Yang Zhanqing told that "One of the Wuhan residents said his mother died from Coronavirus because being rejected from several hospitals, while another resident claimed that her father-in-law had died in quarantine. But seven of them suddenly altered their minds in late April or stopped answering. Yang discovered that lawyers cautioned them not to file suit against the Xi Jinping's government and local police started grilling their family members. And people who tried to expose the authentic scale of the epidemic, have vanished.

As per Fox News reports "CCP Officials in Wuhan are strong-arming silence by compensating families $420 for each relative died in the pandemic. Local government is also offering discounts for cremation and burial services.

The Chinese Communist Party has been muzzling mourners for years to smother criticism. For example, in the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan killed at least 69,000 people, CCP offered hush-money to parents who lost children. In 2011 when 40 people died and 200 injured due to high-speed train collision in Wenzhou, CCP offered  compensation but didn't allow any relatives to visit the crash site. Every June, on the anniversary of the 1989 incident, police silence family members of the protesters killed in the historic pro-democracy protest in

Tiananmen Square.

Even Simple Online fundraising Campaign to build a monument that would have the names and photos of all the coronavirus victims in China, was deleted by CCP authorities. Wuhan resident Zhang Hai initiated this campaign, asking for donations. Zhang Hai lost his father due to COVID-19. CCP Authorities warned him not to do this again.

The global chorus against China is growing louder. Faced with rising international criticism and mounting demands for compensation from China over its mishandling of the virus, the Communist Party, by hook or by crook, wants to keep public grief under wraps and spin the narrative.

On May 18, the World Health Organisation(WHO) 's truncated annual meet will take place. In this meet, many nations are preparing to demand an investigation into China's mishandling of COVID19. The Chinese Communist Party is working, on a war footing, to subvert this investigation.


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