Afghan intelligence busts terror gang in Kabul, killing 5 terrorists

KABUL, May 6 (Xinhua) -- Afghan national intelligence agency busted a terror group in Kabul, killing five terrorists, the National Directorate for Security (NDS), the country's intelligence agency said Wednesday.

"Personnel of NDS have busted a joint network of Daesh (IS group) and Haqqani group (a military wing of Taliban outfit) after launching a special operation in three separate locations in Shakardara, an area in northern outskirts of Kabul and Police District 11 of Kabul city during Tuesday night," the NDS said in a statement.

Eight arrests were made during the raids, it added.

The group was led by Sanaullah, who served as an agent of IS and city coordinator of Haqqani group in Kabul city, the statement said.

The group was involved in a series of major attacks in Kabul, including an attack against a public meeting at a grand mosque in west of Kabul on March 9, killing 32 civilians and injuring nearly 60 others, and a rocket attack during the presidential inauguration ceremony on March 9, the statement added.

The group also conducted three separate rocket attacks against a main U.S. and NATO military base in Bagram district of eastern Parwan province, north of Kabul.

The security forces also found and seized weapons, ammunition and 250 kg of explosive materials during the raids, the statement said.


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