ThreatModeler CEO Archie Agarwal Talks Cyber Security, Its AWS Technology Partnership and the Company’s Future Plans

We live in uncertain times, and our digital infrastructure is essential to our daily lives. We rely on technology and, to a certain extent, trust it to provide critical services, for example, in finance and healthcare. But our increasing reliance on technology also makes us incredibly susceptible to cyberattacks. Companies worldwide are taking their digital security very seriously, and they understand that partnering with the right company makes all the difference. ThreatModeler CEO Archie Agarwal set out to build a company that organizations can trust. Passionate about cybersecurity, Archie talks about its AWS Technology Partnership and the company’s future plans.

Cybersecurity and Why It’s Crucial

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, ThreatModeler provides software that enables developers to visualize their attack surface across an entire enterprise, helping companies secure their digital infrastructure and cloud storage. The attack surface is a summation of all the potential attack vectors where a hacker can invade, extract data and/or compromise the IT environment even further. “Everything is digital, and the success of a company often relies on how well they can protect their attack surface,” says Archie. “One wrong move can take down an entire operation.”

As cloud-based storage platforms took off, Archie immediately recognized the crucial need for improved cybersecurity applications. “As technology develops, there comes an increased risk of threats. Security is about putting your defense up before you need it and keeping your valuable information and systems safe,” explains Archie.

AWS and ThreatModeler – the New Power Play

A partnership primed to tackle security threats past, present and future, ThreatModeler became an AWS Technology Partner. Through its integration, ThreatModeler created the AWS Accelerator, which enables DevSecOps teams to automatically create a new threat model based on a virtual private cloud (VPC). The process flow diagrams deliver improved accuracy because AWS Accelerator captures all of the information for account services drawn from its integration with the VPC’s AWS Config instance.

By thoroughly analyzing the live environment, ThreatModeler can ensure secure application deployments. AWS is a leading provider of cloud services and is poised to introduce ThreatModeler to more customers seeking a holistic understanding of their attack surface.   ThreatModeler lends itself to scalable and can offer its technology to companies of any size, giving them the unique ability to scale threats in their organization. Leading businesses in the Fortune 5 – Fortune 500 rely on ThreatModeler to efficiently communicate their security posture across all business functions.

The future of ThreatModeler

“We’ve seen exponential growth, and we are prepared to serve our clients through this partnership for years to come,” states Archie. “We knew from day one just how critical cybersecurity is to businesses worldwide. We are constantly evaluating feedback from our customers and implementing it to ensure our product continuously delivers.” ThreatModeler is currently working on even more options for automation as demand for their product grows. The company is also looking to expand to other cloud service providers so that they too can benefit from automation, collaboration and scalability.

In times of insecurity, ThreatModeler is excited to get down to work and deliver. “At ThreatModeler, we believe in easing the anxiety our clients have in facing cyber threats.  To keep IT infrastructure defended, it’s about giving customers a clear action plan with little to no room for error,” says Archie. Cybersecurity is no longer an option. It is a requirement, and more and more companies are putting their faith in ThreatModeler.


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