Terrorism, bio-warfare and Covid-19

The title is dreadful and looking at it one feels that all the three bring death and misery to humanity. People have turned their houses into trenches as it is the only way to protect themselves to go into self-isolation. The fear of Coronavirus has forced all ages of people to be locked in the houses - some are in self-isolation while others are blocked through the lockdown. This deadly virus has at least given us the option to protect ourselves inside four walls of the house. It has created a fear of biowarfare and bioterrorism across the world.

Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and their Destruction – came into force on March 26, 1975, and currently has 182 states as signatories. BWC discourages any country’s hostile intentions to adopt biological warfare and the deliberate use of disease as a weapon through the development, production and stockpiling of biological agents. The convention complements the Geneva Protocol, which banned biological warfare methods in 1925.

When a load of evil viruses or chemicals are launched together in a city or country, there are some options that could be chosen to avoid the spread and ensure protection. Confine yourself inside the house for protection which is, in other words, isolation and social distancing. The government has to take into action and all the arrangements into account. Panic surely creates unrest so measures must be taken to counter such unrest and chaos. The fear of bioterrorism is being expressed by states and other independent scientists and many producers have made movies on bioterrorism.

We have to understand the difference between biowarfare and bioterrorism. The definition of biowarfare is “the use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war”. Biological warfare can be thought of as intentionally using toxins like poison or microbial organisms like the Bubonic plague whose prime target is a military army that consists of a homogeneous population of fit and healthy soldiers who have possibly undergone appropriate pre-attack vaccination.

During the 18th century AD war between French and Indian forces, British forces under the direction of Sir Jeffrey Amherst gave blankets to Native Americans that had been used by smallpox victims following a plan to spread the disease.

During the 90’s biological warfare became more sophisticated except for when during World War I, the German Army developed anthrax, glanders, cholera, and a wheat fungus as biological weapons to spread the plague in St Petersburg, Russia, Mesopotamia, and attempted to do the same with the horses of the French Cavalry.

On the other hand, the purpose of bioterrorism does not necessarily aim to cause mass casualties but to spread mass terror, confusion and community disruption. The target is mainly a diverse civilian population which includes people of all age groups including the young, elderly, and immune-compromised and healthy.

The most famous example of bio-terrorism is the 1984 Oregon outbreak of Salmonella enterica Typhimurium that sickened 751 people and sent 45 to hospitals. It was the largest foodborne illness outbreak in the USA in 1984.

Bioterrorism exists as found during the Iraq war where several pathogenic organisms were intentionally released. Even letters carrying Anthrax and Yersinia pasties (causing plague) spores were sent to USA senators and media outlets in 2001 to spread fear and terror through deadly diseases which killed five and made 17 ill.

As time is passing we are getting clear indications of entering into the 5th generation of warfare, which is different from former generations in terms of weaponry and tactics used in it against the enemy.

If you’re a military man or a terrorist looking to defeat the enemy by sowing fear and confusion among your target nation or group, you need to disrupt supply chains, ruin crucial industries and destabilise the economy. You can’t do much better than to work some biological mischief on food or pharmaceutical networks. The assumption that people are afraid of radiation (dirty nukes, nuclear bombings, etc.), that’s nothing compared to their fear of tainted food or contaminated air.

The international establishment and the world has entered into a very dangerous zone which is highly perilous for various nations.

We all know science has progressed so much that a little virus can be modified and converted into a dangerous small creature that will find its growth in the victim.

Genetically modified viruses are developed through genetic modification, which involves directed insertion, deletion, artificial synthesis, or change of nucleotide sequences in viral genomes using biotechnological methods and reverse genetics. To modify the viral genome, corresponding DNA sequences need to be modified, without bothering or modifying the viral DNA/RNA. Because viruses are very tiny, it’s much easier to manipulate the plasmids than viral genomes. We conclude that bioterrorism is not new but an old method to destroy one’s enemies. Osama Bin Laden tried it in 2011, and as Minister of Interior, I dealt with it by arresting his accomplices and the plot was foiled. Biowarfare is too dangerous as this is likely to be developed by states though it could be termed as state terrorism. Yet it can be developed undercover and can be launched by ageists in a hostile country.

If any individual or group is found involved in its proliferation, for themselves of a state, then he/they should be liable for the death penalty through an emergency trial. The world can only survive with stringent laws and with major penalties.

I know some friends may not like my harsh proposal but, those who do not care for others’ rights and are criminals have no right to ask for relief.

Note: the opinions expressed are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my party.


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