Scantily dressed women responsible for coronavirus says cleric from Pakistan

Islamabad, Apr 27: A well known cleric in Pakistan has blamed women for the spread of coronavirus.

The coronavirus has been unleashed on humanity because of the wrong-doings of women Maulana Tariq Jameel said during the Ehsaas Telethon fund raising event. The comments were made in the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

He blamed the women who were often scantily dressed and also said that their behaviour was bring such wrath upon the country.

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Initially Jameel had condemned the media for spreading lies. He however apologised later for the remarks and said that it was a slip of the tongue. He however refused to apologise for the remarks made against women.

HRCP is appalled at Maulana Tariq Jamil's recent statement inexplicably correlating women's 'modesty' to the Covid19 pandemic. Such blatant objectification is unacceptable and, when aired on public television, only compounds the misogyny entrenched in society," Human Right Commission of Pakistan tweeted.


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