Russian security service aborts terrorist attacks in two regions

Moscow, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Russia's Federal Security Bureau (FSB) aborted attempted terrorist attacks in the town of Stavropol and the autonomous district of Janta-Mansisk, where it dismantled at least two terrorist cells.

According to the FSB press service, security agents located two members of the Islamic State (IS) in Stavropol. One of them was native to that region and the other one was from Dagestan.

One of the terrorists resisted the arrest and was killed during the operation in the town of Neftekumsk. No soldiers or civilians were injured.

Russian security also arrested three members of an IS cell in Liantar, in Janta-Mansisk, where they planned to attack law-enforcement agents and perpetrate attacks on open spaces of mass concentration.

Authorities seized homemade bombs ready to be used, ammunitions and extremist literature, the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAK) noted. 



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