List of Killings in the Name of Islam: Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 88 Islamic attacks in 22 countries, in which 508 people were killed and 273 injured. 

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted). 

2020.04.13 IndiaDachan11Islamic gunmen fire on a border patrol, killing one member. 
2020.04.12 NigeriaAuno70Boko Haram activists massacre seven travelers along a highway. 
2020.04.12 IraqQara Tabah13Mujahid set off a bomb at a soccer field, taking out a participant. 
2020.04.12 PakistanNorth Waziristan11Islamic snipers pick off a border guard. 
2020.04.12 IraqHawija10ISIS members open fire on a police checkpoint, killing one. 
2020.04.12 Burkina FasoDjibo10Jihadis ambush a local patrol, killing one member. 
2020.04.11 IraqGarmiyan11Terrorists fire on shepherds, successfully killing one. 
2020.04.11 IraqKirkuk11Jihadis target a passing car with an IED, killing the driver. 
2020.04.10 SomaliaGalkayo10An immigration official is eliminated by al-Shabaab gunmen. 
2020.04.10 NigeriaIbusa10Fulani terrorists storm a church and murder its young pastor. 
2020.04.10 AfghanistanSpin Boldak32Three civilians are left dead following a terrorist bombing. 
2020.04.10 IraqBalad Ruz10A civilian is purged by Mujahideen. 
2020.04.10 NigeriaObagaji20Muslim militants behead two locals. 
2020.04.09 IraqDibis30Three policemen are abducted and murdered in captivity by the Islamic State. 
2020.04.09 IraqJalawla22Two farmers are shredded by Islamic State shrapnel. 
2020.04.09 IraqTuz Khurmatu20Two guards at an airport are cut down by ISIS gunmen. 
2020.04.09 SyriaSukhna270Over two dozen defenders are killed when the Islamic State assault a desert town. 
2020.04.09 MaliMopti30Three people traveling in a car are sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers. 
2020.04.09 AfghanistanIslam Qala50Five bank employees are brutally executed by the Taliban. 
2020.04.08 AfghanistanDaman35Terrorists hit a shell with a house, killing three children. 
2020.04.08 NigeriaBassa46A pastor and a 10-year-old are among four killed by Muslim radicals. 
2020.04.08 AfghanistanMaimana30Three security personnel are murdered by fundamentalists. 
2020.04.07 DRCHalungupa60A child is among six cut down by ADF gunmen. 
2020.04.07 IndiaAnantnag1Islamic terrorists gun down a cop. 
2020.04.07 IraqMosul10A civilian is shot to death by suspected ISIS. 
2020.04.07 IraqKolajo20A father of three is among two cut down by Islamic State gunmen. 
2020.04.07 AfghanistanSholgara80A woman and child are among eight civilians abducted and murdered by the Taliban. 
2020.04.06 MaliBamba256At least twenty-five local soldiers lose their lives to an early morning assault by Islamic radicals. 
2020.04.06 Iraqal-Jazeera23An Islamic State attack on a local patrol leaves two dead. 
2020.04.05 LebanonHermel30Muslim terrorists open fire on a border guard patrol, killing three members. 
2020.04.05 IraqNasariya12A woman is shot to death in her own home by suspected Shia militia. 
2020.04.05 IndiaKeran12Muslim terrorists pick off a border guard. 
2020.04.05 IraqRutba41Four Iraqis are murdered by ISIS. 
2020.04.05 YemenTaiz520Five women are killed when Ansar Allah target a prison with shells. 
2020.04.05 SyriaBadiya Al-Tebni80Eight kidnapped civilians are executed by the Islamic State. 
2020.04.05 SyriaDeir Ezzor10Religion of Peace activists force a captured soldier to dig his own grave, before strapping him with explosives and blowing him up. 
2020.04.05 CameroonAmchide1014Two teens are among ten villagers blown to bits by two suicide bombers. 
2020.04.05 IndiaUttar Pradesh10A Hindu is shot to death after criticizing an Islamist group. 
2020.04.04 AfghanistanMuqar62A sick fundamentalist attack on government officials leaves a half-dozen dead. 
2020.04.04 NigeriaRago30Muslim terrorists fire into a village, killing three, including two housewives. 
2020.04.04 FranceRomans-sur-Isère25A Sudanese asylum seeker is found praying after stabbing two people at random. 
2020.04.04 SomaliaJowhar13One person is disintegrated by an al-Shabaab landmine. 
2020.04.03 SyriaBadiya Al-Sham66Multiple Islamic State attacks leave six dead. 
2020.04.03 IraqSergaran 32An ISIS roadside bomb blast claims three lives. 
2020.04.03 AfghanistanPaghman11A terrorist opens fire on two guards, killing one. 
2020.04.02 NigeriaHukke70Fulani burn dozens of homes and hack seven elderly Christians to death. 
2020.04.02 AfghanistanKapisa211Two people are killed when the Taliban storm a checkpoint. 
2020.04.01 SyriaDamascus20Two civilians are reported killed by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham. 
2020.04.01 NigeriaAncha37A woman is among three killed during a middle of the night attack by militant Muslims. 
2020.04.01 Burkina FasoBoucle du Mouhoun12Jihadists attack a local security unit, killing one member. 
2020.04.01 IndiaDamhal Hanjipora20Terrorists shoot and kill two civilians at close range. 
2020.04.01 AfghanistanHelmand82Six children are among eight family members pulled into pieces by Religion of Peace bombers. 
2020.04.01 IraqNazim Taqsim14A Jihdist group hits a police car with an IED, killing one occupant. 
2020.04.01 NigeriaArimogija20A farmer and his son are brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.03.31 NigeriaGuruku60Six villagers are brought low by Muslim gunmen. 
2020.03.31 SomaliaGarbaharey26al-Shabaab kill two Ethiopian peacekeepers with a bomb. 
2020.03.30 AfghanistanNave Mazri11A civilian is leveled by Islamic bombers. 
2020.03.30 IraqAbbara10Jihadi bombers obliterate a civilian. 
2020.03.30 NigeriaJigindi21A man and his brother are shot to death in their home by Muslim gunmen. 
2020.03.30 PakistanMianwali10A Shiite doctor is brought down in a targeted attack by Sunni gunmen. 
2020.03.30 AfghanistanKabul10Hardliners target and kill a female intelligence official. 
2020.03.29 AfghanistanSarband20An Islamic scholar and his child are murdered by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2020.03.29 SomaliaGarowe14A suicide bomber takes one other person with him. 
2020.03.29 GuineaNzerekore30A Muslim mob burns churches and kills at least three people. 
2020.03.29 AfghanistanKhwaja Ghar135Thirteen Afghans are purged by the Taliban. 
2020.03.29 AfghanistanArghandab60Fundamentalists attack a checkpoint and kill a half-dozen local soldiers. 
2020.03.29 Burkina FasoGomboro33Three people are killed by Jihadists bombers. 
2020.03.28 NigeriaIssele-Azagba40Four villagers are murdered in cold blood by Muslim militants. 
2020.03.28 AfghanistanLal Pur22Two religious scholars are blown to bits by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2020.03.28 IraqHawi10A civilian is abducted and tortured to death. 
2020.03.28 NigeriaAuno614Islamists stop vehicles along a highway and hack six people to death. 
2020.03.28 AfghanistanDara-e-Khostak105Ten Afghan security personnel are killed during a vicious attack by Talibanis. 
2020.03.27 IndiaRedwani10A delivery driver is shot to death by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.03.27 AfghanistanQala-e-Kohan24Two people are found dead following a Taliban ambush. 
2020.03.26 AfghanistanKabul01Militants bomb a funeral for Sikh victims of an earlier bombing, injuring a child. 
2020.03.26 AfghanistanTagab33Children are among the casualties of a Jihadi mortar attack that leaves three dead. 
2020.03.26 NigeriaKuduru32Muslim terrorists hack to death three women and severely injure two others. 
2020.03.25 AfghanistanNawabad53A group fighting for Sharia murders five local cops. 
2020.03.25 AfghanistanMusa Qala80Eight civilians are pulled into pieces by fundamentalist bombers. 
2020.03.25 SomaliaMogadishu33A suicide bomber goes off at a restaurant, killing three patrons in mid-bite. 
2020.03.25 AfghanistanDeh Yak40The Taliban eliminate four Afghans with a landmine. 
2020.03.25 IraqHumaydat11A local soldier succumbs to injury following a Mujahid bombing. 
2020.03.25 AfghanistanKabul2711Suicide bombers storm a Sikh temple, murdering over two dozen innocents. 
2020.03.25 SomaliaLower Jubba53An al-Shabaab landmine takes out a local official and four others. 
2020.03.24 MaliMopti23Jihadists eliminate two local soldiers with a roadside bomb. 
2020.03.24 AfghanistanKocha-e-Mullah30Three Afghans are killed by pro-Sharia terrorists. 
2020.03.24 ChadBoma9247Ninety-two local soldiers are trapped on their base and cut down in brutal fashion by Boko Haram. 
2020.03.24 Burkina FasoTankwoarou30Three civilians are shot point-blank by terrorists on motorbikes. 
2020.03.24 NigeriaGbra Zongo30Three children are exterminated by Muslim militants. 
2020.03.24 NigeriaKperie20Muslim radicals murder two women. 
2020.03.24 IraqTarmiya12An Islamic attack on a power station leaves one dead. 
2020.03.24 DRCBeni120A dozen Congolese are killed by ADF Islamists. 
2020.03.23 GuineaConakry10A deacon is killed while trying to protect his church from being burned by radical Muslims. 
2020.03.23 MozambiqueMocimboa da Praia240Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama invade a small village, killing dozens. 
2020.03.23 NigeriaGorgi470At least forty-seven are killed when Islamic militants attack a village. 
2020.03.23 SomaliaJanaale70Seven are reportedly killed when al-Shabaab detonate an explosive device outside a disputed town. 
2020.03.23 AfghanistanBala Murghab30Three people are laid out by a Taliban landmine. 
2020.03.23 IraqBaqubah30Three people are abducted and murdered by Mujahideen. 
2020.03.22 NigeriaKwande13Militant Muslim hack a man to death and abduct three women. 
2020.03.22 SomaliaHawa Abdi42An al-Shabaab bomb blast claims four lives. 
2020.03.22 IraqMukhaisah 10An elderly woman is reduced to pulp by Mujahid bombers. 
2020.03.21 SudanEsheraya11Militants burn down a farming village, killing a woman and injuring her baby. 
2020.03.21 AfghanistanNajrab70A Taliban attack claims seven lives. 
2020.03.21 IraqRutba24Jihadists successfully kill two Iraqi soldiers. 
2020.03.21 AfghanistanBaghlan20A fundamentalist group kills two local security members. 
2020.03.20 YemenAden20Radicals kidnap and kill two aid workers. 
2020.03.20 AfghanistanZabul2724Over two dozen local security personnel are killed when the Taliban storm a base. 
2020.03.20 AfghanistanTaloqan213Two children are exterminated by a Taliban bomb. 
2020.03.20 TurkeyKovankaya10The elderly mother of a priest is kidnapped and murdered. 
2020.03.19 NigeriaManini10A 50-year-old farmer is murdered by Miyetti Allah. 
2020.03.19 SyriaAzaz23A Sunni group is suspected to be responsible for a car bombing that kills two bystanders. 
2020.03.19 MaliTarkint295Twenty-nine local soldiers are massacred during an attack by religious extremists. 
2020.03.19 PakistanMamuzai20Two traffic cops are ambushed and killed by Muslim gunmen. 
2020.03.19 YemenMarib26Two people are brought down by an Ansar Allah missile. 
2020.03.18 AfghanistanGharchi30A Taliban attack leaves three dead. 
2020.03.18 AfghanistanChahar Bolak20Two people are cut down by fundamentalists. 
2020.03.18 AfghanistanKapisa21A Taliban roadside bomb claims two Afghans. 
2020.03.18 NigeriaChikun30Three villagers are killed by Muslim militants. 
2020.03.17 IraqSheikhi20Two Iraqis are shredded by a Mujahid shrapnel. 
2020.03.17 NigeriaBirnin Magaji20Twin brothers are killed at a market by Muslim terrorists. 
2020.03.17 AfghanistanDara Ashraf10A woman accused of adultery is shot to death by strict Muslims. 
2020.03.17 ThailandYala025Barusi Revolusi Nasional members throw a grenade at an office building, then set off a car bomb. 
2020.03.16 IraqAbi Saida17A shooting and a motorcycle bomb leave one woman dead and seven injured. 
2020.03.16 PakistanSouth Waziristan20Two members of a peace committee are eliminated by Mujahideen. 
2020.03.16 YemenDhalea20Two 13-year-olds on a motorcycle are vaporized by a roadside blast. 
2020.03.16 EgyptBir al-Abed10Extremists open fire on a passing car, killing the driver. 
2020.03.16 SyriaShaddadi14Muslim terrorists kill a civilian with a motorcycle bomb. 
2020.03.16 PakistanMama Ziarat41Islamic terrorists open fire on police, killing four. 
2020.03.15 AfghanistanCharshakhi70Seven policemen are killed in gruesome fashion by a Taliban insider. 
2020.03.15 KenyaGarissa30Terrorists stop an ambulance with a landmine, killing three including a critically-ill woman. 
2020.03.15 PhilippinesMaluso12Abu Sayyaf set an IED that claims the life of a local soldier. 
2020.03.15 NigeriaBanki Junction60Boko Haram attack a rescue patrol, killing six members. 
2020.03.15 KenyaSangailu20Two rescue personnel are killed by an IED while traveling to the scene of an earlier bombing. 
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