Italian offshore ship boarded by armed pirates in Mexico waters, VIDEO

Offshore supply ship REMAS was attacked and boarded by armed pirates on Apr 9 at around 2230 LT in Gulf of Mexico, some 70 nm N of Puerto Dos Bocas, Mexico. Pirates fired several shots and took several crew, including officers, as hostages. They plundered the ship, taking with them all valuables, including ship’s equipment. Understood hostages were taken as human shields during attack, to subdue the crew, and weren’t kidnapped. Understood all 30 crew remained safe and unhurt.
Romanian members of the crew later posted in youtube video, which captured pirates threatening crew into obedience.

It’s a third attack of REMAS. In November 2019 during violent attack two crew were injured
REMAS was again attacked on Apr 4 this year, when a boat with 8 armed pirates on board approached the ship, but couldn’t board, thanks to ship’s maneuvering.
Offshore supply ship REMAS, IMO 9586459, dwt 2681, built 2011, flag Italy, operator MICOPERI SPA.


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