Iran’s State Media Admit MEK Is the Main Threat, Monarchy Is Inconsequential

On April 24, 2020, Iran’s state-run Nasim-e Kermanshah website republished an article originally printed by the state-run Nama News and Nasim News agencies. The repeated dissemination of the article demonstrates the regime’s extraordinary fear of Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The article describes the MEK as the main threat to overthrow the regime and outlines the organization’s role inside Iran. It also quotes regime officials and media talking about supporters of the deposed monarchy as a “distraction” to prevent people from joining or supporting the main opposition.
The truth is that monarchy in Iran was historically buried when millions of Iranians rose up against it and marked the 1979 revolution. With their revolution, the people of Iran expressed their historic choice of rejecting all forms of dictatorship. The mullahs’ unparalleled and inhuman crimes will not simply erase from the people’s memory the horrendous crimes committed by the monarchy in the past. Therefore, the people are not yearning for the return of the Shah’s dictatorship instead of achieving true freedom and democracy.

Making claims about supposed supporters of the monarchy inside Iran and comparing them to the MEK by the regime’s officials and media is an orchestrated plot by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to divert the attention of the Iranian people and the international community from the most viable alternative to the Iranian regime. The regime does this because it is fully aware that supporters of the uprooted monarchy do not amount to a serious opposition or an alternative to the regime. Therefore, continuously highlighting their presence will not pose any significant threat to the regime. By mentioning them, the regime intends to discredit the main opposition group, namely the MEK. The article republished by the Nasim-e Kermanshah acknowledges this fact.

The translation of this article is below:   

The “distraction” tactic and a costly negligence  

Why we unreasonably use the name of Reza Pahlavi [the Shah’s son], who posesno threat to the system, as a distraction and put it beside the real enemy, the MEK, which seeks our downfall.   

Dr. Meysam Parsa: My trip to the holy city of Mashhad and pilgrimage of Imam Reza’s holy shrine refined my soul. On my way back to Tehran, the train’s moving and the quick reflection of trees and houses in the wagon’s window filled me with a sense of passion. I was not paying attention to the search result on my telephone. Because of the expertise and research subject, which is the MEK, I search the keywords “MEK” “PMOI” every day. I should emphasize, that when I started my research about the MEK grouplet, I was willing to do some research about Islamic history during the Safavid dynasty. But I quickly understood that the “MEK” subject is very vast. Entering its maze will not leave any chance to research other subjects. As I was enjoying the view of the road, I reminded myself that I should not lose the opportunity, so I looked at the search results. One of the [state-run] news agencies wrote something like this: “The MEK and monarchy plots ….” Seeing this created the same question for me: How far we are going to continue this negligence?  

This was the same question I heard from one of the Friday Prayer leaders and representatives of the supreme leader. We were discussing the MEK and the process of these sworn enemies of the revolution and the Islamic Republic. It was amid the 2018 rebellion and it was clear for all of us that the MEK was having a leading and expediting role [during the uprising]. 


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