Hindus attacked by a Islamist mob led by local chairman in Satkania in Bangladesh; 18 injured in an attack by 150 armed Islamists

Satkania Hindus Attacked_

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Bangladesh is reeling under Corona virus and the lockdown has been extended till May 5th. Yet the Islamic fundamentalists seem to be more worried about driving out the Hindu kafirs in the country. In a abhorring incident which took place on April 21st in Dhupi Para village of Dharmapur Union under Satkania Police Station, nearly 150 Islamists armed with deadly weapons attacked Hindu houses. Atleast 18 have been injured, some of whom are in serious condition.

Reports say that the attack was perpetrated by Illyas, chairman of Dharmapur Union in Satkania sub-distrcit of Chittagong district. The Hindu houses were vandalized after the mob forcefully entered their homes and did not even spare women and children. The intent of the attack was to drive the Hindus out of Bangladesh, say local reports.

The injured have been identified as Parimal Das, 45, Ananda Das, 40, Nitai, 45, Mintu, 45, Dilip, 43, Shilpi Das, 35, Krishna Das, 35, Sabita, 43, Sagarika, 42, of Satkania sub-district, Arun Das (38), Hridoy Das (22), Rubel Das (22), Sujan (20), Kanchan Das (22), Biswajit (20) and Yeshu (18).

Injured Parimal Das said that 150 armed terrorists led by Dharmapur Union Chairman Ilyas, Rashed Chowdhury, Abdullah, Habi Bullah, Ziauddin, Ismail and Iqbal, carried out the attacks on Hindu houses and tortured men, women and children too. Others involved in the barbaric attack included Gafur, Bilal, Didar Amin, Mannan and many others. Illyas has been persecuting the Hindu community here since the time he became the chairman of the union, says Parimal Das.

"A series of such attacks are forcing us to go to India," he added. Illyas plans to drive Hindus away from here and capture Hindu lands, houses and properties with the help of the union leaders and their gang. A complaint was lodged by the Hindus at Satkania Police Station on Wednesday afternoon, but no accused has been arrested thus far. Hindus who are living in fear in Bangladesh have urged that administration to bring the perpetrators of such barbaric attacks to justice so that they can live without fear.


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