Will Kerala become Kashmir or Pakistan? How Hindu Helpline is fighting Love Jihad

Hindu Helpline was established in 2008. It is a well operational helpline that has been set up in Kerala. It comprises a battle hardened team and its main aim is to save Hindu girls who have become victims of Love Jihad.

Bengaluru: A pertinent question to ask is will Kerala become Kashmir or Pakistan. At a time when there is real action being taken by all to protect the interest of Hindus, the question to ask once again is, is pride more important than the life of your daughter?
This is due to the large number of cases relating to Love Jihad that have been reported in the state. There are nearly 1 lakh cases of Love Jihad that have been reported in Kerala since the year 2005

Brushed aside:
The first thing that has to be done is to address the problem. Governments, courts and a very few journalists have confirmed the existence of this problem. The biggest issue is that Love Jihad is very often brushed aside as a love affair and what many do not realise is that this is clearly a team effort to reduce the number of Hindu girls.
The problem of Love Jihad has existed for several years now. There is a systematic effort to trap Hindu girls and then convert them. The biggest problem is that this problem needs to be acknowledged and parents must step forward to address this rather than think of the social stigma.

The modus operandi:
Today there are many who are working to address this problem. There are Muslim girls in Kerala who are tasked with identifying the weak Hindu girls. This information is then passed on to the Muslim boys, who are paid handsomely to undertake this task. The girl is then lured with expensive gifts and then the subtle indoctrination to Islam takes place. The Hindu girl is then forced to run away with her Muslim lover, following which she is taken to a pre-arranged conversion centre. In several cases, we have seen that the girl is sexually abused. The boy leaves the girl and then she is forced to marry an older richer Muslim.
All this is done in a matter of two weeks and the Muslim boy who traps the girl is paid anything between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. Estimates would show that in Kerala there are at least 10 such cases on a daily basis.
The Hindu Helpline has dealt with such cases extensively with its anti Love Jihad programme. It has dealt with nearly 10,000 cases and also filed 4,500 habeas corpus petitions in the Kerala Court. While the mainstream media remains silent on this issue, the HHL has gone about creating public awareness. The volunteers have put their lives at risk. The volunteers have been trained to counter Jihadi activity and rescue the Hindu girls. When they started out, the rescue rate was at 5%, but now it stands at around 90%.  

The kiss of love:
Another modus operandi that has been seen in Kerala are events such as the kiss of love. This is a clear strategy that has been set in place to promote sexual freedom among the Hindu girls. It has very often been promoted as liberalisation.
Hundreds of boys and girls are taken to a cricket ground and provided free food. There is a stage, there is a DJ and the girls are told to break their family ties. One of those who have witnessed this event tells MyNation that the kind of scenes he has witnessed there are something he has never seen before. Such events are funded by the Middle East. Those who have visited these events and studied it say that all of the girls are Hindus and there is not a single Muslim or Christian girl. These are the events that are conducted in Kerala where Love Jihad is ultimately initiated.

The Sabarimala issue:
The battle relating to Sabarimala has been a hard fought one. It has been more about breaking a tradition rather than women’s rights. The HHL has stayed on at Sabarimala despite facing physical and legal hostilities and also a secular mafia, to safeguard the traditions of the temple. The organisation has moved the courts to ensure that the tradition remains intact.
HHL has caught several persons who try to enter the temple with a specific agenda to destroy the tradition. There are at least 75 young men present 24/7. The police have tried to block them. There are some who try to enter the temple and click a selfie with the deity of Ayyappa. They want the traditions to break so that the temple is shut down and is embroiled in a long legal battle. They want the holiness to be destroyed and this has been the main aim.

The role of the Hindu Help Line:
Hindu Helpline was established in 2008. It is a well operational helpline that has been set up in Kerala. It comprises a battle hardened team and its main aim is to save Hindu girls who have become victims of Love Jihad.
Members of this team that we spoke with say that several girls have escaped and returned and told their horrific stories. When the team gets a call, they call the local person, who will do everything he can to rescue the girl. On an average the helpline number gets 250 to 400 calls a day and this only indicates the volume of the problem and the number of cases that are there in Kerala.

The helpline also gets calls relating to suicide cases of Hindus. Missing cases, incidents of Love Jihad and suicide cases relating to Hindus are all handled by the team. The team has also learnt that the number of suicides and abortion cases among Hindus are particularly high. If you know of a case and would want to report it in Kerala, you would need to dial 9400161516.

Source: https://www.mynation.com/views/will-kerala-become-kashmir-or-pakistan-how-hindu-helpline-is-fighting-love-jihad-q72i9y


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