Why We, Italians, Are Angry With China – And Want ‘War Damages’

Enough is enough. Not only are Italy, as a nation, and Italians as a people affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but we also have to face – the frankly disgusting, given the situation – Chinese ‘propaganda’. It started with our incomparable Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, nicknamed Giggino, sharing enthusiastic posts on his Facebook account of Chinese doctors and Chinese medical supplies arriving in Italy. Maybe, since he does not know English, and even his Italian isn’t very good, he could not really understand what was going on. But then a well concerted campaign spread, again via Facebook, with ‘Italians’ (meaning mostly Chinese trolls in disguise) sharing posts praising China and their help to Italy.
What Is the ‘Chinese Strategy’?
The strategy became clear a few days later. Zhao Lijian, well-known for being the ‘Ghafoor’ of China (he was posted for years in Pakistan at the Chinese embassy, and entrusted with a very aggressive CPEC propaganda), posted a clip on Twitter and wrote: “In Rome, with the Chinese anthem playing, some Italians chanted ‘Grazie, Cina!’ on their balconies, & their neighbors applauded along. Against #COVID19, humanity lives in a community with a shared future! Italy is a heroic nation. At this trying moment, Chinese #StandWithItaly!”.

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/why-italians-angry-china-want-175130433.html


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