Venezuela creates National Corps Against Terrorism

Caracas, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro created this Friday the National Corps Against Terrorism which will be in charge of defending the country against destabilizing plans perpetrated by terrorists.

During the launch of the Great Peace Quadrants Mission, the president announced the creation of this new military force to be led by Major General Hernan Gil Barrios.

These terrorist groups, he warned, are sent from Colombia and the US in order to spread discord in Venezuelan society and destabilize the nation.

The leader denounced how sectors of the Venezuelan right, led by opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido, activated their articulation mechanisms, using the White House's dollars to finance organized crime within the country and promote violence.

The financing, he explained, was carried out during Guaido's visit to the US in February, during his tour of several countries, with the purpose of generating chaos and anxiety.

In his speech, the president alerted all the defense bodies and the people about it, 'I am doing it as a complaint because I have a lot of information since mid-October, 2019.'

The new military force will have a National Anti-Terror Plan, approved by the head of State, which will be executed in a first phase until 2022.



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