Vaunted Parachute Regiment caught up in 'prostitution' scandal in Kenya

In a developing story the British army’s 3rd Battalion, Parachute regiment, have been embroiled in a prostitution scandal in Kenya.
The 3rd Parachute regiment, which is a subunit of the much-vaunted 16 Air Assault Brigade, has reportedly been forced to abandon a two-month exercise in Kenya as a result of the scandal.
The developing story has been tweeted by the Times newspaper’s defence editor, Lucy Fisher.

Excl: Widespread use of prostitutes by 3 Para in Kenya has led to all 650 troops being disciplined, I’m told.

All soldiers on the two-month exercise have been “gated” - banned from visiting safari lodges, malls & other venues.
Adventurous training & community engagement are continuing beyond the wire, but that’s the only activity, before troops come home in coming days.

An MoD spokesman said: “We expect very high standards of behaviour of our personnel, whether they are on or off duty.”

This latest scandal comes on the heels of a succession of bad stories for the British military in the past twelve days alone.
Most recently, it was reported the British army is being forced to retreat from Afghanistan following a controversial peace deal between the United States and the Taliban.
Immediately before that, it was reported that British drone operators were at serious risk of incurring “moral” and “psychological” injuries as a result of killing people from a distance on a daily basis.
Connected to both stories was the news that as many as 14 British soldiers who had served in Afghanistan had committed suicide this year alone.
Another important story revolved around former commonwealth soldiers’ decision to take the Ministry of Defence to court for non-existent immigration advice upon the soldiers’ discharge.
Yet another story blew the lid on the British Special Forces deep involvement in extending support to terrorist groups in southern Syria.
To top it all up it was recently proven beyond reasonable doubt that British soldiers attached to the notorious Ulster Defence Regiment had “colluded” with loyalist terrorists to kill Republican activists and ordinary people alike in Northern Ireland.



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