Shin Bet reveals Hamas recruited Israeli-Arab woman from Israel's north

Aya Khatib, a 31-year-old mother of two from Arab town of Ar'ara was arrested 2 months ago and admitted during her questioning to having helped the terror group divert aid funds for terror projects and gather intelligence

Israeli security services on Sunday revealed that Hamas had recruited an Israeli civilian who served as an agent for the terrorist organization.

Shin Bet domestic security and Israel Police said the recruit is a 31-year-old mother of two from the Arab town of Ar'ara in northern Israel. 
Aya Khatib was arrested two months ago in a special operation and during her interogation admitted to having been recruited by two members of Hamas' military wing.

איה י'טיב, אזרחית ישראלית שפעלה בשביל חמאס
Aya Khatib, recruited by Hamas 
(Photo: Shin Bet)
With the help of Khatib, who was involved in humanitarian activities in the Gaza Strip, the terror group diverted aid funds for construction of terror infrastructure. She also gathered intelligence information that was meant to be used for "terrorist activity against Israeli targets."
The mother of two allegedly handed Hamas hundreds of thousands of shekels by scamming aid organizations she worked for as well as civilians who donated money to the needy population in Gaza.
The money was then allegedly used by the terror group for construction of underground attack tunnels and facilities used for terrorist activity. 
In addition, Khatib provided Hamas’s military wing with equipment and was in the process of transferring the terror group special surveillance tools. 
The findings of the Shin Bet’s investigation indicate that Khatib also provided Hamas with sensitive security intelligence, including the movement of Israeli military forces during one of the recent cross-border flare ups between Israel and the factions in the enclave. 


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