Muslim rioters pay first installment of 86K to UP govt as penalty for damaging public property

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In an unprecedented move, 6 protesters have paid nearly 86 thousand to the Kanpur administration after they wee found guilty of rioting and violent demonstration damaging public and private property in the name of anti-CAA protests. This is the first installment of the total amount they have been asked to pay, say sources.
In December, the Uttar Pradesh government had started the process of sealing the properties of protesters who were involved in rioting in the name of anti-CAA protest across the state. UP CM Yogi Adityanath had said that the cost of the damage to public and private properties during the riots would be collected from the protesters along with fine. Consequently, several protesters in Lucknow and Kanpur were identified and notices were sent to them by the administration. Nearly, 130 rioters were served recovery notices and were asked to pay the charges along with fine amounting to about 50 lakhs.
The UP government had also put up hoardings of the rioters with their images and details in Kanpur for their involvement in rioting and even instigating the mobs and asked them to pay the penalty withing a month. Liberals had taken offence to this move and had approached the High Court. Subsequently, the UP cabinet passed an ordinance for recovery of damage to public, private properties in the state. 
 UP rioters pay fine_1&nbs
With no option left, the rioters are now forced to cough up the penalty. Emulating the UP model of recovering the cost of damage from the rioters, the Mangaluru administration too had asked the rioters to pay the penalty.



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