European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism

Today marks the 16th European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism. This year’s commemoration, under the title ‘Growing Stronger Together’, will bring together more than 100 victims from all over Europe, as well as their families, associations of victims of terrorism, pupils, emergency services and high-level European representatives, to stand united against terrorism and pay tribute to all EU citizens becoming victims of terrorism worldwide.
The event, which will be held in Paris to coincide with the national French Day for Victims of Terrorism, will showcase the resilience of victims and their families. Commissioner Reynders and representatives of the EU and Member States will address the audience. Following a moment of silence, victims of terrorism will share personal stories and experiences. Inspiring initiatives supporting victims of terrorism will also be presented.

Established to commemorate the Madrid bombings of 11 March 2004, the annual Remembrance Day is devoted to remembering all those who lost their lives or loved ones to terror, irrespective of whether those terrorist attacks took place inside the EU or beyond its borders.
The 2004 Madrid attack is part of a long strain of terrorist actions inspired by various extremist ideologies impacting innocent people as victims. Last year, several terrorist attacks caused fatalities in Europe, such as in Halle, Kassel, London, Lyon, Paris and Utrecht, as well as larger terrorist attacks outside the EU with EU citizens affected.

Listen to Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, founder of the French association for victims of terrorism ( He has been working in the field of terrorism and victims of terrorism for 30 years. He explains how victims of terrorism can “get out of a victimised position”. 
Watch our interview with Tomas Frága, a survivor of the 2005 terrorist attack in Sharm el-Sheik. He has made a conscious decision not to be defined by what happened to him on that day. 



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