Disappointed with life in Afghanistan: Two ISIS jihadi women from Kerala say they want to return to India ‘provided there is no jail sentence’

Two Islamic State brides, Nimisha alias Fathima and Sonia alias Ayesha who had fled from Kerala to Afghanistan in 2016 to join ISIS have expressed their desire to return to India, reported The New Indian Express. They informed that their husbands have been killed.
Sonia said that she was “disappointed” with her life in Afghanistan and wanted to return to her husband’s family. Nimisha said that she would like to meet her mother Bindu Sampath, provided she was not arrested.
Last year, around 900 terrorists of the ISIS had surrendered to Afghan security forces. 10 of them hailed from India (mostly Kerala). Several terrorists from Kerala have travelled to Afghanistan since 2016. Many of them took their families along with them.

Reportedly, the terrorists fighting for the Islamic State had surrendered in the Eastern province of Nangarhar, where the Afghan national security forces were conducting operations against the ISIS. The operations started on the 12th of November against the terror outfit. 93 terrorists, that included several Pakistanis, had surrendered only hours after Afghanistan’s offensive against the terror outfit began on the 12th of November.
Sonia Sebastian who hailed from Eranakulam, Kerala converted to Islam during her college days and changed her name to Ayesha. She married Abdul Rashid, the ring leader of Kasargod IS module.

Nimisha, a Dental student who hailed from Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram, had married a Christian youth named Bexin from Palakkad without informing her mother Bindu Sampath. Later, the couple had converted to Islam and are believed to have been radicalised by radical Islamist elements in Kerala who were working as recruiters for ISIS.

Nimisha, a 23-year-old formerly Hindu girl was among the 21 people from Kerala who had left the state and went to join ISIS. It was the news of ISIS joining that had stirred up media interest and police action in the cases of forced conversion.
In 2016, a computer engineer ­Abdul Ras­hid Abdullah and his wife Sonia Sebastian alias Ayesha, an MBA, who were working with Peace Educational Foundation (PEF), an organisation that runs 10 schools in Kerala, were accused of ‘radicalising’ 22 youth from Pada­nna, Palakkad and Trikarippur. Abdullah had allegedly arranged the marriage ­between Nimisha and Bextin.

Source: https://www.opindia.com/2020/03/kerala-isis-women-love-jihad-islamist-terrorists-afghanistan-jail-india-return/


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