Britain Calls US Retaliatory Attack On Iran-backed Militias ‘proportionate’

Britain supported the US retaliatory precision strikes against Iran-backed militias across Iraq after three service members of Coalition forces were killed.

Britain supported the United States’s retaliatory precision strikes against Iran-backed militias across Iraq after three service members of Coalition forces died in an attack on a military base. UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said in a statement that the response of the United States to the “cowardly attack” on the military bases of Coalition forces was swift, decisive and proportionate. 
Raab further added that UK forces are present in Iraq to help the counter-terrorist activity and anyone seeking to harm them can expect a strong response. “We will continue working with our partners to ensure those responsible for these deplorable acts will be held to account,” said Raab.

'Will take any action necessary'

Earlier, US officials had confirmed that three service members of the Coalition forces, including Americans, were killed in the attack on Camp Taji and 14 others left injured. Department of Defense said that the attack marked the latest in a series of rocket attacks conducted by Iranian-backed Shia militia groups against the US and coalition personnel.
“The United States will not tolerate attacks against our people, our interests, or our allies,” said Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said. 
“As we have demonstrated in recent months, we will take any action necessary to protect our forces in Iraq and the region,” he added.

In response, the US launched strikes targeting five weapon storage facilities aimed at significantly degrade their ability to conduct future attacks against Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces. The weapons storage facilities included those facilities that housed weapons used to target the US and coalition troops.
“These strikes were defensive, proportional, and in direct response to the threat posed by Iranian-backed Shia militia groups (SMG) who continue to attack bases hosting OIR coalition forces,” said the Department.
The United States warned the militias to ceases their attacks on coalition forces for face consequences at a “time and place” of their choosing. The Department reiterated its commitment to the protection of coalition service members and preventing SMG attacks on coalition forces.



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