Armenia army prevents sabotage infiltration attempt by Azerbaijan, ceasefire in Idlib,

According to him, “the Azerbaijani border guard subdivisions have been firing in the same direction with machine guns of large diameters for a couple of days now.”
Azerbaijan will be held fully responsible for these sabotages and all of their consequences, he added.

·       According to the Armenian MOD, the Azerbaijani military launched an attempt of sabotage infiltration on Friday in the direction of one of Armenia’s combat positions located in a northeasterly direction.

But the Armenian side prevented it and the adversary was driven back to its starting position, suffering casualties, and leaving ammunition and a landmine detector behind.
The Armenian side has no casualties, but one soldier sustained minor injuries.
·       The mother and her daughter, 13, have been beaten in Armenian Gyumri. The woman died, while a girl was taken to the hospital in Gyumri and was operated on the spot.
Later, a teen has been delivered to Yerevan, Surb Astvatsamayr MC spokesperson Gev Derdzyan wrote on his Facebook.
She has a traumatic brain injury, chest bruises, abdominal cavity and a fracture of the right forearm. The condition of the girl continues to be extremely difficult, she is connected to an artificial respiration apparatus.

     Tehran has recorded the first case of death from coronavirus infection, as Arevelq’s source in Tehran reported.

According to the source, the deceased patient is 85-year-old Armenian woman Elsik Masih, who was hospitalized a week ago.
Meanwhile, the coronavirus death toll globally has reached 3,390. And the death toll in Iran has reached 108, with 3,513 people infected.

·       Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed on a ceasefire and other steps aimed at stabilizing the situation in Syria’s Idlib province at the talks in Moscow on Thursday.
According to the agreements, the hostilities in Idlib should be terminated along the entire line of contact after the ceasefire comes into force on March 6. Russia and Turkey will begin joint patrols of the area along the MH4 highway on March 15, where a security corridor will be set up.
Moscow and Ankara reaffirmed their commitment to preserving Syria’s sovereignty and agreed to continue the fight against terrorism.



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