Syrian Kurdish Party Denies Providing Military Support to Damascus

The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) denied on Sunday that it was providing military support to the Syrian regime in its ongoing offensive against opposition factions in the northwestern Idlib province.

Member of the party’s foreign relations committee, Dara Mustafa denied that regime forces had launched their operation from PYD-controled regions in the Afrin countryside.

The regime is using its regions and the Turkish facilitations as stipulated in the Sochi agreement to attack opposition in Idlib and the Aleppo countryside, he added.

Military cooperation with the Syrian state to resolve the crisis is linked to the political solution, especially in northern parts of the country, he went on to say.

Until now, the state, with all of its institutions, is being run by one party, not the people, and therefore, there can be no cooperation or military assistance to the regime in any operations in Idlib or elsewhere, Mustafa stressed.

He made his remarks in response to claims by opposition media that said the PYD was backing the regime and its allied militias to attack opposition positions in the country’s northwest.



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