Killed At The Hands Of Pirates Of The Caribbean And The CIA

THE UNFORGETTABLE This young sailor Lacianiego, 23, was killed in 1964 in an attack on the Sierra de Aranzazu ship, where he worked. It was a terrorist and pirate attack sponsored by the CIA within the actions of the blockade against Cuba, but there was an error, since it only carried a general load.
It was on September 13, 1964 when our brother was killed in the warm and distant waters of the Caribbean Sea , as a result of a pirate and terrorist attack, carried out against the Spanish ship Sierra Aránzazu that, heading to Havana , with general cargo, navigated oblivious to the terrible consequences and implications of the so-called missile crisis and the blockade of the Island of Cuba. These words were signed by Tomás and Juan Antonio Vaquero, brothers of the murdered sailor spoken of, Pepín Vaquero Iglesias, of a well-known Lacianiega family since his parents, Juan Manuel and Nemesia, ran a kiosk shop in the old Town Square of Villablino.
His brothers claimed his memory many years after that murder, the result of an error or bad information triggered this outcome with paramilitary implications and with the long hand of the CIA behind. The international press was echoing the event while Laciana came the news with droppers because the coverage of the stations was more than poor.
But the tragic death of that brilliant sailor, friend of the writer Luis Mateo Díez was confirmed, who wrote of him: “Pepín was a child of an excessive intelligence, the smartest of us all, the smartest in school.” Good proof of the affection he had was that the burial and the pantheon was paid for by popular subscription through Radio Villablino. And they have not yet forgotten in the Valley the huge crowd that came to say goodbye to Pepín Vaquero.
Killed At The Hands Of Pirates Of The Caribbean And The CIA

Source: La Nueva Cronica



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