France, Germany, Australia request to withdraw forces from Iraq

BAGHDAD, Feb 10 (MENA) - France, Germany and Australia have submitted a request to prepare for the withdrawal of their forces from Iraq, a member of the country's security and defense committee said on Monday.

Badr Al Ziyadi said the request was sent in a letter to the Iraqi military's joint operations command to set a timetable for the exit of their troops.

"France, Germany and Australia have sent a request to the Joint Special Operations Command to prepare for the withdrawal from Iraq," Al Ziyadi said as quoted by the Iraqi News Agency.

"Their request has been to set up a timetable for the withdrawal of their troops. The next government will take the responsibility of setting the timetable and the exit strategy for foreign troops."

Germany has a training mission in the country and its defense chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer visited Baghdad on January 15 in a surprise visit to meet with Iraqi military chiefs amid uncertainty over Berlin's military presence in the country.

About the Turkish forces in Iraq, he said Turkey is not part of the international alliance and there is no military agreement signed with Iraq in this regard.

Getting Turkish forces out of Iraq is the responsibility of the coming government, he said.



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