Death Of ISIS Media Operative Sheds Light On Group’s Nexus Of Media And Intelligence

The recent demise of an Islamic State (ISIS) media operative revealed that he played an an important role in the online community of ISIS supporters on Facebook, and actively disseminated its news and propaganda. It was revealed after his death – he had a role in covert ISIS operations, specifically in recruitment, and apparently facilitated the transfer of funds and personnel, among additional tasks he likely fulfilled.
The exact date and circumstances of his demise are unknown, although his death was announced on January 31, 2020, on his Facebook account, by a person he had apparently trusted and to whom he had granted access to the account. The operative reportedly died in a Russian airstrike on his village, although the announcement of his death was delayed until his family was brought to safety. Following the announcement, dozens of posts expressing condolences began to pour in from the pro-ISIS community. The sheer quantity of these posts and the sorrow they express show just how well-known and influential this media operative was in this community. They also indicate that he played key roles for ISIS on the ground.



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