As a combat squadron of the USSR scared the Ghanaian pirates seized a Soviet court

History 15/02/20 WikipediaКак fighter squadron of the USSR scared the Ghanaian pirates seized a Soviet court
Few people know that Soviet action movie “pirates of the XX century” based on some real events that happened to Soviet ships. Long before the Somali pirates, made a name for itself in the beginning of “zero”, Soviet court is repeatedly faced with such attacks. One of the most famous was the so-called “Ghanaian incident.”
How to tell Vahan Grigoryan and Vladimir Dmitriev, in his book, “Piracy, robbery and terrorism at sea”, it happened in 1966 when Ghana’s military coup. Collaborated with the USSR and the PRC President, Kwame Nkrumah, was overthrown, representatives and specialists of the socialist countries sent abroad, diplomatic relations are broken.
a Victim of political change became the research vessel “Ristna”, which was accused by the authorities of Ghana in that it allegedly transporting weapons for the rebels. This was not true, although in the holds of the ship and was a secret navigation equipment, Ghanaian border guards are not interested in it. And the vessel was soon released, as the captain of the “Ristna” was a familiar of the commander of the Ghana military. The Soviet government then decided not to inflate scandal, once everything was settled satisfactorily.
a Similar incident occurred in 1968, when off the coast of Ghana were captured by two Soviet trawler “Cold” and “Wind”, but under the pretext of violation of the 12-mile zone. The ships were escorted to the port, and the sailors sent to the local jail, Takoradi, where he spent a terrible six months. All Soviet attempts to resolve the situation through diplomatic means have failed.
Economic pressure in the form of a cessation of supplies of petroleum products in Ghana have also remained without result. Then from the Navy was allocated two large rocket ship (DBK), the submarine and the ship accompaniedia who went to the port Takoradi. Upon arrival and getting to the RAID, Soviet ships began explicitly to prepare for missile attack.
As he recalled in an interview, squadron commander, captain first rank Vladimir Platonov, the training has made Ghanaians the impression and almost immediately all Soviet sailors were released, the captains of the trawlers. For them still had to fight.
to Fight one of the Soviet sailors were not going. The more that the fact of finding warships of the Soviet Navy off the African coast was kept secret. In order to exert diplomatic pressure, the squadron made several friendly visits to the ports of neighboring States with the same demonstration of preparation for missile launch. Further it was for the governments of Nigeria and Guinea, who were able to convince Ghanaians to meet the USSR in their requirements.
the Result was not only the return of our sailors and trawlers, but also an agreement on the deployment of a Soviet naval base in West Africa. Just in case that such does not recur.
Yaroslav Gorbunov
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