Qatar Charity workshops highlight risks of terror financing, money laundering

Qatar Charity has held three training workshops on the risks of terrorism financing and money laundering in the field of charitable work, which were attended by its 133 employees.
The workshops came as part of its efforts to enhance the skills and capabilities of its staff to combat money laundering and terrorism financing in the field of charitable work, Qatar Charity said in a statement. 
The workshops were held over six days, with two days per workshop. Some 50 collectors and collection supervisors, both male and female,  participated in each of the first two workshops, while 30 marketing employees and box supervisors attended the third workshop.
The workshop, delivered by Dr Nashat Jaber, a trainer specialised in combating money laundering and terrorism financing, aimed to clarify the concept, stages and methods of money laundering and terrorism financing offences in charitable work, in addition to explaining mechanisms and procedures to combat these crimes.
It also aimed to enable the participants to identify potential risks and know ways to protect their work, as well as to make them capable of keeping pace with the evolving requirements and engaging in efforts to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.
The workshops covered basic concepts related to money laundering and terrorism financing in accordance with Act No 4 of 2010, explaining the points of disagreement and agreement between money laundering and terrorism financing as well as the various channels used in this regard. The workshops also provided the participants with information on the international and national efforts and modern tools applicable in this field.
Participants were trained to carry out the Customer Due Diligence procedures and implement the Know Your Customer policy for the charitable work. They also were trained on how to detect and report suspicious transactions, in addition to acquainting them with their responsibilities, duties and procedures related to charitable work.
At the end of the workshop, the trainer gave a presentation on the most important and most recent cases of money laundering and terrorism financing in the field of charitable work.
Najat Tarab, director of the Human Resources Department at Qatar Charity, said: “Qatar Charity attaches special attention to the development of human resources, which are the backbone of its humanitarian work, as it believes that the successful employee is the one who has the necessary skills to perform his duty professionally.”
She also pointed out Qatar Charity has introduced a training department within its organisational structure, which organises training courses in various fields of work to continuously develop the professional and personal capabilities of its employees in order to help them acquire the skills that enable them to carry out their responsibilities and perform their tasks efficiently.



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