Italian police seize MISSILE, guns and neo-Nazi material in raid on far-right militants

Italian police have found an arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, 20 guns and neo-Nazi material, in a series of raids on far right groups in several cities in northern Italy on Monday.
Along with the missile, police found nine assault rifles, a sub-machine gun, seven pistols and three shotguns, in an operation led by the General Investigations and Special Operations Division, which specializes in investigating groups linked to organized crime and terrorism.
The police say the groups had fought “against the separatists” in the Donbass region of Ukraine. A Swiss national and two Italians, including Fabio Del Bergiolo, a former border security inspector who had been a candidate for the Senate in 2001, were arrested in the raids.
The missile was manufactured by the French company Matra and La Stampa is reporting that it belonged to the Qatari armed forces. The Police said Del Bergiolo is suspected of trying to sell the missile.
Investigators also seized armour-piercing bullets, 20 bayonets and numerous parts of various weapons, along with a sign reading “Adolf Hitler Platz” and a range of other fascist war memorabilia


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