Victim’s parents back call to prevent terrorists hiring vehicles as weapons

The parents of a Canadian woman mown down during the London Bridge attack have called for stricter measures to stop terrorists using hire vehicles as deadly weapons.
Social worker Christine Archibald, 30, who lived in The Hague, Netherlands, died in the arms of her fiance, Tyler Ferguson, after being struck by the terrorists’ rented Hertz van.
The June 3 2017 attack followed similar atrocities involving hire vehicles, including on Westminster Bridge.

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CCTV image of Christine Archibald and her fiance, Tyler Ferguson, on London Bridge (Metropolitan Police/PA)
Barbara and Greg Archibald issues a statement after Chief Coroner Mark Lucraft QC concluded the eight victims of the London Bridge and Borough Market attack were unlawfully killed.
In his summing up, the coroner touched on the issue of preventing dangerous extremists from getting their hands on high-powered vehicles.
They said: “We are relieved that the coroner acknowledged the danger of lack of procedures being in place currently to alert the authorities when a suspected terrorist had or was attempting to hire a van.’
“We very much hope that he will now recommend that appropriate measures be introduced so that MI5 is notified when a vehicle is rented by a person on their watch list. Such a protocol might have prevented the death of Chrissy and others.
“Chrissy was a beloved and sustaining presence in many lives.  Nothing can deny the brutality of her death or mitigate our grief at her loss, but we hope that in the future no one else need be injured or killed in such an attack because authorities weren’t alerted in time.
“In memory of Chrissy, Xavier, Sebastian, Sara, James, Ignacio, Kirsty, Alexandre and the many people who were injured and whose lives changed forever, we hope the recommendations of the Chief Coroner, Mark Lucraft QC, are given the most serious consideration.
“The caring people who helped Tyler and Chrissy in such horrific circumstances remain forever in our hearts, as do those who have helped us through the legal maze and the grief of the past two years.”

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Christine Archibald died in fiance Tyler Ferguson’s arms (Metropolitan Police/PA)
Jennifer Buchanan, who is representing the Archibald family in a civil claim, said: “Working with victims of Westminster, Finsbury Park and London Bridge, we have seen the devastation caused when a vehicle is used as a weapon of terrorism. We welcome any recommendations about security procedures around car hire to prevent such tragedy occurring in the future.
“Now that the worst stress of the inquest is over for the families of the victims, we would like to call on the relevant London authorities to talk to those affected by terrorism in London to devise a suitable, permanent memorial to those killed and injured by terrorists in our city.”
The senior associate with law firm Fieldfisher was commenting ahead of any recommendations by Mr Lucraft which are not expected until the autumn.
A spokesman for London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “City Hall is working closely with Southwark Council who are in discussions with victims’ families, survivors and other stakeholders to look at the next steps towards a permanent memorial.”



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