Terror recruitment: Tracking the roots of Islamic radicalisation in Kerala by Zakir Naik

Tracking the roots of Islamic radicalisation in Kerala by Zakir Naik
Malaysia on the other hand said that it reserved the right to refuse an extradition. However India and Malaysia both have extradition treaties. For India bringing back Naik is crucial as he is being investigated for several crimes by the Enforcement Directorate and National Investigation Agency (NIA).
Sources in the ED and NIA tell OneIndia that Malaysia's statement is disappointing, but not a dampener, as the due course of law would be followed. We have already built up a water tight case and once the Interpol notice gets going, the process would be simpler then.
Naik has not only been quoted by several terrorists as an inspiration, but his NGO has sown the seeds of poison in several states. One key state to be hit is Kerala, which already faces a mammoth problem of Islamic radicalisation. In addition to this, the state has also produced the most number of Islamic State terrorists.
In the Kerala Islamic State case, his name has cropped in the past as well. The NIA raids were related to the same case and the NIA had learnt that the members of this module were on the same social media group that the terrorists who undertook the Sri Lanka blasts were.
Last year, the NIA arrested Nashidul Hamzafar a 26 year old management student from Wayanad in Kerala. He was the first ISIS recruit from Kerala to be deported from Afghanistan.
During his interrogation, he details the role played by Islamic preachers such as Naik and what sort of an influence they had on him, which ultimately prompted him to join the ISIS.
Hamzafar says that he was not attracted to the ISIS ideology for long. I found them to be too brutal and the outfit only scared me, he says. My ambition was to pursue my education and find a good job in Dubai.
A lot changed when one of his friends, Shihas sent him an audio clip regarding the Islamic State. My perception towards the outfit changed. Then I began listening to audios of Zakir Naik, Noman Alikhan among others. Their speeches inspired me and my approach towards life changed.
Going by his statements, it becomes clear that the likes of Zakir Naik through his Islamic Research Foundation and the Kerala based Peace Educational Foundation have played a huge role in the radicalisation of youth in Kerala.
Recently a Mumbai court had framed charges against Arshi Qureshi. The case relates to the indoctrination of Ashfak Majid and his associates into extreme jihadi ideology by a group of like-minded youths from Kasaragod district of Kerala. It was also stated that some members of the Zakir Naik run NGO, Islamic Research Foundation too were involved in the radicalisation process.
It was further alleged that these persons had motivated the youth to join the Islamic state.

source https://www.oneindia.com/india/tracking-the-roots-of-islamic-radicalisation-in-kerala-by-zakir-naik-2903102.html


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