Radical Islamist groups posing security threat: Intel report warns Home Ministry

Intelligence agencies have raised an alarm over looming threat of radicalisation in the country. In a report submitted before the Union Home Ministry, the intelligence agencies have warned that many radical Islamist groups have been making attempts to increase their presence in several cities across the country.
The report sent to the Union Home Ministry claims that some radical groups with bases in southern state of Kerala are making incessant attempts to radicalise youth living near the India-Nepal border. Such groups are also targeting Bangladeshi Muslims who reside in northeastern states like Assam.
Agencies have revealed that funds coming from Gulf countries are being used to mobilise such outfits. The report says that with the help of these funds, several international radical groups are making attempts to increase their functioning and presence in major Indian cities.
Sources have told Zee News that one of such groups in Tamil Nadu is also under the scanner of intelligence agencies. Some extremist radical groups banned in countries like in Germany, Russia, China and Turkey are also trying to increase their influence in India, said the report sent to the Home Ministry.
The Home Ministry has taken cognisance of the report and asked the intelligence agencies to keep a vigil on any such suspected group. The ministry has also asked the agencies to submit a detailed report on the extent of influence of such outfits and details about the cities where they have spread their wings. The agencies have also been asked to extract details about the leaders of these outfits.
Notably, investigations after the recent serial blasts in Sri Lanka, it has been revealed that in the past few months, similar groups had radicalised a number of Lankan youth in different parts of the country. It is suspected that one group among them had carried out the serial blasts in Sri Lanka.
This assumes significance even as dreaded terrorist group ISIS has tried to increase its presence in Kerala and other southern states. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has already arrested dozens of ISIS suspects, but the threat continues to loom.

Source: https://zeenews.india.com/india/radical-islamist-groups-posing-security-threat-intel-report-warns-home-ministry-2209570.html


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