Kerala Daesh / IS leader Abdul Rashid reportedly killed in Afghanistan; He saw 'golden chance' in killing people during Kumbh Mela and Trissur Pooram

Abdul Rashid Abdullah, the Keralite from Kasaragod, who led a 21 member team to Afghanistan during May - June, 2016, is reportedly killed in US bombing in Afghanistan. Reports suggest that the incident took place about a month before. It also says, three men, two women and four children were also killed in the same attack. Abdul Rashid had fled the country with the help of his second wife Yasmin, a woman from Bihar. And, she was caught in new Delhi airport while trying to flee the country.
Abdul Rashid is the kingpin of a team engaged in the recuitment of youngsters to IS. The 21 member team he led to Afghan included men, women and children. Rashid used to spread voice messages in social media including YouTube which called the youths to jump into killing spree. He was provoking the youths saying that they were educated in schools and colleges. He wondered if they were unaware of what were happening aboad. He was directly referring to the mass kilings in Europe by vehicle ramming, blasting, shooting and poisoning. He cited the examples of Kumbh Mela and Trissur Pooram as the golden chances for vechicle ramming and poisoning.
Before fleeing the country to join IS, Abdul Rashid was the administrator in the Peace School in Padanna, Kasaragodv. The group of schools is infamous for its antinational and kfanatic operations including the curriulum and syllabus. This weekly had carried the stories regarding the venomous and traitorous syllabi the little children had to learn there. When Sangh-inspired organisations protested, the trustees told the media that they had nothing to do with syllabus! A shocking revelation from the owners of a school.
Later on it was reported that the school was controlled by Zakhir Naik, the antinational and fanatic Islamic preacher who fled the country to evade arrest. His properties are being seized by the authoriities as he has been declared absconder. He is the prime accused in several cases including antinational speeches and activities as well as economic offences.
Mereen, the Kochi girl who went to Afghanistan with her boy friend, worked for Peace School for some time. Both were converted from Chhristianity to Islam.
Abdul Rashid lived in the IS centre of Karasan proviince. Rashid used to share the details of the Kerala recruits in Afghan with his friends and associates back home. He used Telegram App Msg for communication. But, he remained incommunicado for the last three months.
It is to be noted, still several people flee the country to join IS and most of them are from Kannur distict, the strong CPM bastion. The Kerala links of the recent Sri Lanka blasts, disclosed by that country's army chief is alarming.
Meanwhile, the Union Government appeals before the Supreme Court for ensuring the proper punishment for the accused in connection with the Panayikkulam SIMI Camp. Even though the acused were convicted by the NIA Court , the High Court of Kerala had acquitted them hence the Union Government moves the Supreme Court. Outlawed SIMI had organised a camp in Panayikkulam near Kochi a decade ago


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