Jihadi terrorism in the way of ‘Solidarity’

Throwing the light on the downfall of Buddhism in India Dr. Ambedkar had said- "When the Muslim ruler, Bakhtiyaar Khilji invaded Bihar, he killed more than five thousand Budhist monks. Remaining of the Buddhists fled to China, Nepal and Tibet. In order to revive Buddhism the followers later tried to raise monasteries, but till then 90% of the Buddhists had gone back to the fold of Hinduism. Therefore these efforts came a cropper."[Ref: Dr Ambedkar aur Samajik Kranti ki Yatra; p-321]
Dr. Ambedkar said this when he had adopted Buddhism.
But today, jointly masterminded by Communists, jihadists and crypto-Christians, a mission is being deceptively carried out in the country to establish the notion that because of their ‘common’ socio-economic state this is the need of the hour that Muslims, Christians, Adivasis, Buddhist and Dalits should come together to express their ‘solidarity’. Regarding this, even rganizations like BAMCEF, Mool Niwasi Sangh and such others have become active, and the slogans coined by them inciting the division in the communities could even be read on the walls in different places.

But before being swayed under any such kind of evil-design all those on target need to be mindful of what was stated by Dr.Ambedkar as quoted above.
One should not forget as to how in Bamiyan of Muslim-majority Afghanistan, Buddha’s antique statues dating to the 6th century were razed to the ground by jihadists not long ago. It also cannot be forgotten as to how for the peace loving followers of Buddha in Myanmar, it had become difficult to lead a normal life in their own country due to the rabid hordes of Rohingya Muslims. Ultimately owing to which they had to take the recourse of retaliation under the guidance of their Buddhist monks. And then how, outdone in their own game, Rohingyas had to flee the country only to take refuge in different countries including India, is there for all to see.

Jihad in Srilanka, initially waged against Christians there during Easter, has now taken Sinhalese Buddhists into its fold. Buddhists monasteries and temples have now come under the tight vigil of police force. Active in Srilanka, Muslim Touheed Jamaat is suspected to have been the brain behind the bomb attacks which killed more than 300. This has got to be the cause of concern for India no less, for religious programmes sponsored by the Touheed Jamaat run in the TV channels operated in South India. However, after this incident Christian fundamentalist organizations present in Sri Lanka have begun to term this as ‘Jihad’ against Christianity.

The case of another neighbor country, Bangladesh, is no different. It is because of Jihadi terrorism, poor and backward Buddhist Chakma tribal community is forced to migrate from there and take shelter in India. In Muslim majority Pakistan along with the Hindus, Ahmadiyas and Christians are living a life of suffering as they are subjected to harrowing religious atrocities. It was due to the rabid Mullahs that life of one Aasiya biwi, a Christian, was turned into hell in Pakistan only because she was a Christian. This aspect of religious persecution which is coming in the way of solidarity should not be overlooked.

Source: https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2019/5/28/Jihadi-terrorism-in-the-way-of-%E2%80%98Solidarity-.html


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