Holiday reps given 'specialist terror training after ISIS plot to massacre Brits in Med hotels'

  • 9 Jun 2019, 15:48
  • Updated: 9 Jun 2019, 17:13
HOLIDAY reps are being given terror training as ISIS reportedly plot to massacre Brits at hotels across Europe.
The move comes amid fears of a fresh wave of attacks as jihadists return from Syria and radicalised prisoners are released from jail.
 Holiday reps are reportedly being given specialist terror training in the event of a terror attack abroad
Holiday reps are reportedly being given specialist terror training in the event of a terror attack abroad
Earlier this year ISIS were forced out of their final stronghold in Syria - but their threat to the UK and beyond remains.
Even though ISIS have lost the territory they are still seen as a major global security threat with sister groups in Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan and the Philippines.
On Easter Sunday 2019, coordinated terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed more than 250 people, which included UK holidaymakers.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the atrocities but authorities in Sri Lanka blamed the blasts on two previously little-known local Islamist groups, National Thowheed Jamath and Jamathei Millathu Ibraheem.


The heads of MI5 and MI6 have revealed jihadis could ­“target hotel locations to kill, injure or take hostage” people in tourist hot spots, the Daily Star on Sunday reported.
Workers, from firms such as Thomas Cook, Jet2 and First Choice, have reportedly been given specific hotels to look after and taught "survival skills" should terrorists strike.
Since 2017 workers have been trained to help combat terror attacks abroad.
Employees are shown videos as part of the government initiative from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office. It tells people to follow the official "run, hide, tell" guidance.
The three-minute videos give instructions on how to keep a look-out for suspicious individuals who might be terrorists scouting out resorts as potential tourist targets.
In June 2015 ISIS inspired gunman Seifeddine Rezgui killed 38 tourists including 30 Brits at a beach resort near Sousse in Tunisia.



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