Government neglect sunk Colombia's peace monitoring body in 'biggest crisis yet': FARC

The commission in charge of monitoring Colombia’s peace process is going through its biggest crisis yet because of constant state failures to cooperate, the FARC said Tuesday.
In a press release, the FARC’s members of the CSIVI, the peace process monitoring commission made up of the government, the FARC and the United Nations, is “going through its greatest crisis since its inception” because of a the government’s lack of interest.
The FARC’s CSIVI team asked guarantor countries Cuba and Norway, the United Nations peace observers “to guarantee the continuity, frequency and quality of the meetings” of the monitoring body.
According to the FARC members of the commission, the administration of President Ivan Duque has to tried “to completely blur it into obscurity,” making it almost impossible for the commission to regularly meet up and “contribute to the improvement of conditions of the implementation” of the peace deal.
The FARC said that the government’s skewed interpretation in regards to agreed rural reforms, political participation and counternarcotics have led to a “stagnation and even the reversal” of the implementation of key elements of the 2016 peace deal.
The government’s rhetoric does not stand up to the hard facts that show an unbridgeable distance between what the government says and government action.

FARC members of the peace process monitoring commission

Duque’s lie detector test: is Colombia’s government implementing peace deal?

The CSIVI came into life as part of the peace deal precisely to monitor the compliance to the peace agreement of the parties that were at war with each other for more than half a century, and to mediate in the event of failures or differences.
The Duque administration has come under come under increased criticism both inside Colombia and from abroad with top UN officials going as far as accusing the government of “inciting violence” against the FARC earlier this month.
The UN Security Council, which monitors the peace process, is expected to receive their quarterly monitoring report next month.



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