Sri Lankan blasts a lesson for Kerala. Suicide bombers had visited Kerala but CM Pinarayi wants to ban RSS

This image released by IS news agency Amaq claims Mohammed Zahran, center, is the terrorist who led the Easter Day attack in Sri Lanka that killed over 300. SL Army Chief says that these terrorists visited Kerala, Kashmir and Bengaluru.
Sri lankan Army Chief Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayke has told the media that suide bombers who executed the blast series in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday had visited Kerala, Kashmir and Bengluru. He does not know the motive behind the travels. Total death toll of the blasts was 253 people with many more succumbing later in hospital. 
It is noteworthy that RSS and Sangh-inspired orgnisations have been pointing out since long that Kerala has been a safe haven for terrorist outfits since long. When Riyas Abubaker and some other Keralites were arrested in Kerala it was not a bolt from the blue, but quite an expected news. And, reports suggest that 100 Keralites are under surveillance in Tamil Nadu. Police has taken several cases against the participants of the meetings and training camps of the extremist outfits several times. No doubt, they all come to Kerala due to the "friendly ambience" available here. 
Intelligence Department of GoI is learnt to have sent as many as three alerts to Sri Lanka before the Easter Sunday blasts. 
GoK also must be getting these sorts of alerts. But, LDF regime led by CPM supremo Pinarayi Vijayan appears to be ignoring this. Few months back Pinarayi went to the extent of telling that his government did not envisage a ban on Popular Front of India and if at all a ban is to be implemented it would be on RSS first!



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