New IRA graffiti appears in Londonderry

The slogans were painted on the Old Library Trust Building on Central Drive, in Creggan, close to where journalist Lyra McKee was murdered.
Ms McKee, 29, was shot dead while observing a riot on 18 April.
The PSNI confirmed on Wednesday that witnesses to the murder will be offered anonymity during its investigation.
Police said they would also ask for "maximum protection" - potentially including anonymity - for witnesses who are called to give evidence in court.
A dissident republican group, the New IRA, has said its members killed her.
Fr Joe Gormley, the local parish priest in Creggan, has strongly condemned the graffiti.
Image copyright AFP/GETTY
Image caption Father Joe Gormley was at the bedside of Lyra McKee at Altnagelvin Hospital after she was shot.
"This graffiti is trying to create an atmosphere of fear. These people are trying to impose their will down the barrel of a gun," Father Gormley said.
"It's absolutely outrageous and does not represent the people of Creggan."
Fr Gormley encouraged people to continue to help police with their enquiries into Ms McKee's murder.
"We need people to come forward who are prepared to give evidence. People need to show they have had enough of this."
Image caption The graffiti was daubed on the Old Library Trust Building on Central Drive in Creggan.
In the days following the shooting, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the PPS discussed what measures could be available to protect witnesses fearful of giving evidence at trial.
The PSNI repeated the appeal for information yesterday and assured witnesses will be offered anonymity.
"We need your help and we understand that for some, fear and intimidation feel very real," a PSNI spokesperson said.
"As a witness you may not be required to give evidence in court but if you are, we will request the maximum protection.
"We have no intention of placing witnesses at risk."
A spokesperson for Derry City and Strabane District Council confirmed they were aware of the graffiti and said the council "is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible".



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