Khalistan secessionists have no credibility, says expert

New Delhi, May 04: It is a well established fact that Pakistan-backed Khalistan secessionists who seek a separate homeland in sovereign territory of India garner no support across the world. However, with all the moral and material support they are receiving from their masters in Islamabad, they have relentlessly spewing venom against India.
They have been organizing various anti-India gatherings that largely comprise the people associated with their active organisations only and no common citizen. Despite all this, they have not been able to hit any success.
At some places their satanic plans have been busted by the vigilant forces of India while at other the common people, who they were desperately trying to influence, have rebuffed the idea of secession. Experts across the spectrum are of the view that their agenda has already failed and they do not enjoy any credibility anywhere in the world.
An increase in the number of their activities lately has pointed towards a growing desperation.


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