India backs French initiative to combat spread of terror via social media

NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday joined a France led initiative to adopt a declaration to counter terrorism and radicalisation online including social media in the backdrop of Christchurch mosque attack.
"The events of Christchurch highlighted once again the urgent need for action and enhanced cooperation among the wide range of actors with influence over this issue, including governments, civil society, and online service providers, such as social media companies, to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online," stated the declaration made available to ET.
India was represented at the meet by Ajay Prakash Sawhney, IT Secretary. It may be noted that after the Pulwama attack France had taken lead in designating Masood Azhar as global terrorist.
"The Governments, commit to Counter the drivers of terrorism and violent extremism by strengthening the resilience and inclusiveness of our societies to enable them to resist terrorist and violent extremist ideologies, including through education, building media literacy to help counter distorted terrorist and violent extremist narratives, and the fight against inequality," the declaration (Christchurch Call) adopted.
"Ensure effective enforcement of applicable laws that prohibit the production or dissemination of terrorist and violent extremist content, in a manner consistent with the rule of law and international human rights law, including freedom of expression," the declaration emphasised.
The declaration also encouraged media outlets to apply ethical standards when depicting terrorist events online, to avoid amplifying terrorist and violent extremist content.
"Support frameworks, such as industry standards, to ensure that reporting on terrorist attacks does not amplify terrorist and violent extremist content, without prejudice to responsible coverage of terrorism and violent extremism. Consider appropriate action to prevent the use of online services to disseminate terrorist and violent extremist content, including through collaborative actions."
The internet the declaration rued is, not immune from abuse by terrorist and violent extremist actors. "This was tragically highlighted by the terrorist attacks of 15 March 2019 on the Muslim community of Christchurch – terrorist attacks that were designed to go viral."
The Call outlines collective, voluntary commitments from Governments and online service providers intended to address the issue of terrorist and violent extremist content online and to prevent the abuse of the internet as occurred in and after the Christchurch attacks.
All action on this issue must be consistent with principles of a free, open and secure internet, without compromising human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression. It must also recognise the internet’s ability to act as a force for good, including by promoting innovation and economic development and fostering inclusive societies, the declaration noted.



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